The blossom lounge x bkr Beauty Water Challenge


I made it! It wasn’t easy, and there were times that I slipped, but I finally made it to the end of my challenge.

I’ve posted a few times regarding this challenge, but just to refresh you, the challenge was to drink 5 bottles of water per day from my fancy little bkr bottle provided by blossom lounge.

To recap, my previous posts are here and here

Seems easy right? Well for a non-committal water drinker like myself, this challenge started off as painful. I really had to keep my bottle with me at all times, or I would find myself at 9:00pm with 4 bottles to go!

The bottle is super light weight so I could easily throw it into my purse, yoga bag or gym bag and it didn’t feel like a heavy burden.

As I moved through the challenge it got a little easier every day. The bathroom breaks didn’t seem to lesson until the 3 week mark, but when they did it seemed like the challenge had made a real difference in my life. Having the water bottle with me at all times started to feel natural. After the first couple of weeks I changed up my meal time routine as well and had water with my breakfast, lunch and dinner instead of making myself another drink.

I have to admit that it took me a while, but drinking water started to feel less like a challenge and more like something I naturally did.

Another big difference was how I felt when I didn’t drink enough water! Before the challenge I hardly drank water at all, and it didn’t seem bother me. Once I got into this challenge I felt very dehydrated when I didn’t drink water often enough. That told me what a big part of my life my water intake had become, and how dehydrated I really was before all of this started!

I took a photo of me before the challenge started, mid-way through the challenge, and at the end of the challenge to see if there was a change in my skin. I was really skeptical about this because I had always heard that water made a huge difference in a persons complexion, but I didn’t know this to be true.

I was pretty surprised to see a difference in my skin! My face really seemed to have a lot more colour to it, and overall I looked much more awake and hydrated. I looked and felt a lot healthier than I expected! The results were strong enough that I’m definitely going to continue drinking water at this pace. The good news is that it won’t seem so much like a challenge anymore.

It’s hard to explain what a difference drinking this much water has done for me – you really need to try it yourself! I was always skeptical about the results people said that drinking water would do for them health-wise and beauty-wise until I tried it myself. I think the results would definitely vary from person to person, but the results could only be positive with this type of challenge!

My “before” photo

My progress photo

Fresh face (minus my mascara - I can never get that off!), one week after the challenge started

Fresh face (minus my mascara – I can never get that off!), one week after the challenge started

My “after” photo


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