Trendy Winter Weather Hats




I love my new hat! I always wanted a chic winter hat. I felt like there was no practical purpose to me owing a hat like this, but once I actually tried one on I realized practicality didn’t matter. This hat demanded to be part of my winter wardrobe.

This one from H&M is made of wool and it actually keeps my ears really warm, which I didn’t even discover until I travelled outside wearing it. Wait, so now it’s sort of practical, right?

It’s not the kind of hat I would wear on a play date or for grocery shopping, but for lunch with the girls or a shopping trip? Absolutely! Here are a few more of my favourite stylish winter hats below.







Tory Burch Wide Brim Hat




Zara canvas wide brimmed hat




Forever 21 Wool Fedora




Asos Heart Band Felt Floppy Hat




AEO Wide Brim Fedora






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