My Review of Ojon’s Dry Recovery Revitalizing Moisture Mist



I tend to neglect my hair.  I’ve always been a lover of shampoo that smells good and is on sale instead of purchasing based on the actual needs of my strands.  I am really cheap when it comes to buying new pairs of socks that match, and my hair care.  I’m starting to take better care of my hair (I’ve moved up from Herbal Essances to Joico!), but my socks remain mismatched and full of holes.  It’s my Achilles heel.


Anyway, back to hair!  I’ve heard good things from people about Ojon’s (how do you pronounce that?) Dry Recovery Revitalizing Moisture Mist, and I had a gift card to Sephora so I thought I’d give it a try.  Normally I stick to shampoo, conditioner, and a bit of Moroccan Oil with each blow dry.  What I liked about the Moisture Mist is that you can spray it in while your hair is damp, or you can even spray it on while your hair is dry!

It retails at Sephora for $29 which for me is a little steep considering how I feel about spending cash on my hair, but with all of the flat ironing and curling I did this holiday season I figured it was worth the extra cost to repair some damage.

I was able to check the smell of the spray right in the store because you could spray it on your hair dry, and it had a pretty light scent that I liked.  The first time I used it, it was on my damp hair before a blow dry and I didn’t really see a difference, and the next day I used it on my dry hair and still didn’t see much going on.

At the end of my first week of using it (both on dry hair and damp hair) I couldn’t believe what a difference it made!  I only sprayed it on my hair below the roots just in case there was build-up, but it didn’t make my hair look or feel greasy at all.  My hair felt so much better, and actually looked healthier!  My hair felt a lot less dry, and it looked less damaged at the ends.  I really didn’t expect to see these results after only a week.

My new routine with it is I use it on my damp hair before a blow dry, and on my second day hair I spray my ends after straightening.  There really seems to be some recovery going on which I love, and it seems like the bottle will last a long time so the cost was worth it.

The spray is also supposed to detangle hair, and tame frizz and flyaways, and I have noticed that it’s doing all of those things for me as well.  The spray claims that in research results that the study found that it improved the ease of combing by 66% (after paired with Ojon’s shampoo and conditioner) – I found it to be a great detangler, but I’m shocked they could not release any study results on it’s ability to hydrate because I had such amazing results!



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