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Airtime Fitness Review sparkleshinylove


If you are a regular on the blog, you know that I do work out but I have a really hard time fitting it in. I always find a way to make it to soccer every week (and twice a week in the summer), but it’s been hard to get to the gym with work, a toddler, and everything else I have going on!

Basically I need something that I can fit in when I have a spare hour that is not scheduled each week, because I never know when I am going to have a free moment.

Over the last couple weeks I have started to use something that fits right into my schedule, and I am super pumped about it!

I started using Airtime Fitness, which allows me to log into their website and do one of their workouts (posted daily) anytime I choose!

A different workout is filmed everyday at their gym, and I can log in whenever I like to workout with the new show posted that day. I can log in with my laptop, phone or tablet – whatever is most convenient for me!



Airtime Fitness Review sparkleshinylove


They have an interactive calendar so I can look at past workout’s and use them as well. I was a little worried about the quality of the video’s – would they be starting and stopping all the time because of my internet connection? Would they take a long time to load, or would I have issues with sound in the videos?

I actually ended up having zero problems. I would click on a workout, and it would automatically start playing from anywhere. You would think my home was located at the top of a mountain in the middle of the ocean with the terrible internet connection we have, but I had no issues at all – the workout videos were seamless.



Airtime Fitness review sparkleshinylove



Each show includes a summary of what we would be doing in the workout that day, a warm-up, the main workout, and a cool-down at the end.

You don’t need much to do the workout’s – sometimes you might need a skipping rope or some weights, but if you are like me and pretty much have no gear you can grab something from around your house to use (like that time I used two massive bottles of shampoo and conditioner – I was improvising!). You can start with nothing, and gradually you may want to get more gear as you go – the choice is up to you.

airtime fitness review sparkleshinylove



Airtime Fitness Review sparkleshinylove



The website has lots of information on what to expect so you know what you are getting into before you try it. There is a video about what you may need for workout gear (very little, if anything), and there is even a sample class you can view on their website.

I think the best part is that it’s a different workout every day. I get soooo sick of workout DVD’s because it’s the same workout over and over. This feels like you are actually at the gym getting a workout in, except I am usually in my living room.

I also like that it’s a portable workout. I can workout in my backyard, I can log in at work if I need a break, or pretty much anywhere else I choose.

When I go away for work I always say I am going to hit the hotel gym, but then I get lazy and never end up leaving my room. Being able to just tap into workouts with AirTime Fitness like this means that the laziest person has no excuse when they are away from home – the workouts go where you go.



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Airtime Fitness Review sparkleshinylove 2



Often things come up when you are working out from home, such as in this case my son decided to “pop in” while I was busy. I could easily press pause, and go back to my workout when I was ready.



Airtime Fitness Review sparkleshinylove


Overall it’s been a great couple of weeks with AirTime Fitness, and I am going to work hard at keeping it up! I really have no excuse to not work out when they have made it so easy for me. Rob and Jeff make the workouts really fun, and they are really funny guys so it’s not boring at all. Basically you are sweating, but having a good time while it’s all going down.

If you are still unsure about giving it a try, keep in mind that they offer two weeks absolutely free! Normally it’s only $6.75 per month, and you can cancel anytime, but if you are still unsure about signing up then give the free trial a go.

A full year membership is only $78.50, plus you get a free AirTime Fitness t-shirt OR a free AirTime Fitness Fanny Pack. Yes I just said Fanny Pack on the blog.

Overall I was a big fan of AirTime Fitness, and I really think it’s worth giving a try, especially since it will cost you nothing for the first two weeks except losing that extra time spent on the couch watching TV. They couldn’t have made it easier for you to fit your workouts in by being so accessable.

For more information on AirTime Fitness, visit their website here. Follow them on Facebook where they are very active and often have giveaways, and on Twitter as well for the same!



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