Achieving Super Mom Status with the Help of Chefs Plate

Chef's Plate Review



I just spent the last two months home with my son, and one of the promises I made to my husband was that I would create some incredible meals now that I was afforded with so much more time on my hands.

I found myself in August re-affirming that July was really busy, August would be a big month of some really great home-cooked meals. Thank goodness I already knew I had Chefs Plate ordered and arriving the next week!

After making one of these amazing meals, my husband seemed suspicious. Where did I suddenly find all of this time? And where did this new recipe come from? He knows me well, and later when I let him do the dishes and the evidence that a delivery had been made was found.

Ok, so that little detail about me not actually grocery shopping or finding the recipe just means that I accomplished my summer goal of making great meals – I just went about it in a smarter way!

Chefs Plate is a meal delivery service that allows you to choose online what meals you would like, along with selecting if you would like the two person portion or the four person portion. Just a note – the four person portion would be more than enough for our family of 3 (toddler included). The portion for two would be the perfect size for a family of three.

After placing our order, FedEx delivered our Chefs Plate box to our door, and I didn’t need to be there for delivery because the box was insulated and included large ice packs for the meat.


Chef's Plate Review



Inside the box included a bag for each recipe, and the recipe card (with photos – I love recipes with photos so I know I’m on the right track!), and all of the ingredients I would need for the meal.



Chef's Plate Review



Chef's Plate Review



What did I need to do? Chop the ingredients up. That’s it! Everything else was included, ready to be added when the recipe called for it. Each recipe was very easy to put together, and I may have looked like a super mom when everything was done and I didn’t even break a sweat. That’s probably why my husband was suspicious.


Chef's Plate Review

Chef's Plate Review

The final result? Well it looked exactly like the photo on the recipe card because I staged it that way! I may have burned the bottom of my fish taquitos slightly but you wouldn’t even know because of my beautiful presentation (staging is a little talent of mine as I burn things a lot). Why did I slightly burn my fish taquitos? I have the attention span of a toddler and may have been ready a magazine during the crucial stage of frying them in the pan. Lesson learned.

Even still my family devoured this recipe, and my son actually ate more than my hubby!



Chef's Plate Review

Mission accomplished – I looked like super mom because of my sweet culinary skills, and I made an amazing meal in about a half hour.

Use code #SPARKLESHINYLOVE when you order from Chefs Plate, and you will receive 3 FREE plate credits (a $33 value) on your first order!

With school starting up next week, Chefs Plate would be a huge help in saving time! Learn more on their website here!






Items in this post were provided to me for review, but all opinions are fabulously my own!



Xoxo Mandy


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