Donate Your Formalwear for a Good Cause to Fairy Godmother’s Closet


Do you have any formal attire in your closet that you don’t need any more? If you do, I have the perfect spot for you to donate it!

Fairy Godmother’s Closet is run by the Optimist Club of Brooklin, and they accept donations for suits, dresses, accessories and shoes for the teenagers who need it for their grade 8 graduation or prom.

They loan attire for these events in hopes that everyone has the opportunity to look fabulous for their big night out, and it’s an incredible program which needs donations.

April 30th is their big day for fittings, so it’s important that they receive as many donations as possible.

Please take a look in your closet and if you have any formal dresses, suits, accessories or shoes, please donate them!

I’ve already taken a look through my closet and I have my own donation to drop off!

For more information on either donation or using the service itself, please contact Ethel Scullion at 905-410-0738, or email

You can also visit the Optimist Club of Brooklin on their website here, Facebook, and Instagram.



Xoxo Mandy




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