Favourites From The Mackage Spring 2016 Collection at World MasterCard Fashion Week

SS16 Mackage 2


SS16 Mackage 8



SS16 Mackage 1



SS16 Mackage 3

ss16 Mackage 7



SS16 Mackage 9


SS 16 Mackage 4


SS16 Mackage


Usually I like to see a few shows at World MasterCard Fashion week each season because I love to see what’s coming soon in the world of fashion in terms of trends, but this year I had to choose one show because of time constraints. Can I just tell you how much a toddler cramps my social life? I thought about making my son my plus one and bringing him to a few shows (North West get’s to sit front row, right?), but I instead opted to choose one show that I really wanted to see.

Mackage creates outerwear that dreams are made of, so it was a no-brainer that I would see this show and their Spring 2016 collection. Did you check out my outfit for Fashion Week here yet?

Oh, how I love a good jacket! A great jacket can often BE the outfit instead of a layer on top of it, and if anyone can make a fabulous jacket it’s Mackage.

These are shots of a few of my favourite pieces. Please note I lead with my absolute favourite jacket of the night – a leather turquoise number that needs to get into my closet. Nothing says spring and “Hello, I’ve arrived to the party!” like a fabulous turquoise leather jacket!

To shop the brand, or at least get ready to shop the spring 2016 collection when it arrives, visit Mackage.com. Photos courtesy of George Pimentel.



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