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If you read the blog often then you know last week I attended the Almay Good Beautiful Morning Event, and I left with some great tips and tricks on getting out the door fast, while taking a bit of time for myself.

I am one of those girls who can’t leave the house without mascara, so makeup is normally something I take the time to do before I leave the house.

Having a toddler running around really limits how straight that eyeliner is going on, or if I opt to add lipstick to my routine or not!

I decided to try out some Almay makeup essentials to see if they could cut down on my getting ready time in the morning. I decided to time myself as well to see how long it took me to be make-up ready with these Almay products. Normally I think on average it takes me 20 minutes to do my makeup in the morning.



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Almay Products


A few of these products are multitaskers, so they were definitely made to be a time-saver!

My favourite product had to be the Almay Smart Shade Anti-Aging makeup. It has three skin tone-adjusting shades, and it adjusts to the natural tones of your skin! It starts out a grey tone, but once blended it transforms to your skin tone. Impressive, right? It helps protect your skin from the sun with broad spectrum SPF 20, which is amazing because it reduces the step of applying SPF (if you were doing it at all).


Almay Smart Shade Anti Aging Before Photo


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The Almay intense i-shadow smoky-i kit
Has three easy steps for the perfect smoky eye. My kit was for hazel eyes, and I have to admit I wouldn’t normally use the colors in the kit! I normally I stick to browns and beiges, so it was a big change for me, but also a good one. No thought had to go into which colors to choose – the colors were already chosen, and their application was outlined. Super easy!

These eyeshadow kits are available in 4 easy-to-use shade collections for brown, blue, hazel and green eyes.



The Almay one coat thickening mascara had a very thick and firm bristled brush, and it did live up to it’s claim of only needing one coat. I apply so many coats of mascara normally that it’s a little insane, so only needing one coat seemed really strange to me. Ok, maybe I did two coats (force of habit), but that was all I needed for a thicker lash look.

The Almay eyeliner had a really smooth line that I didn’t notice smudging during my day. It has a built-in sharpener as well to ensure the liner doesn’t dull.



The most surprising of this makeup was the Almay smart shade butter kiss lipstick. I hardly ever wear lipstick – I am totally a lip gloss girl. I really liked this lipstick because it felt like a lipgloss!

It moisturized my lips and went on very smooth. Great colors too!



I timed my makeup application start to finish, and in all it took me 12 minutes. Not bad considering it was my first time using all of these products! I was ready to head out for a crazy Saturday of a soccer practice for my son, then a long play date and lunch, and that night I added a bit more mascara and lipstick for a dinner out with my hubby.


Almay After Photo 2



I found all of these Almay products to be very easy to apply, and I really couldn’t get enough of the Almay smart shade anti-aging skin tone matching makeup! Loved this product!

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