The Almay Good Beautiful Morning Event Featuring Sweet Potato Chronicles!

Seating at Almay Beautiful morning event



This week I attended a fabulous event hosted by Almay.

I was introduced to some pretty amazing products which I will be reviewing on the blog over the next few weeks, and I met some pretty amazing ladies as well.




Almay Good Beautiful Morning Event sparkleshinylove

Almay Good Beautiful Morning Event sparkleshinylove


Almay Good Beautiful Morning Event sparkleshinylove




The event included other women much like myself who juggle careers, blogging, and being a mother. Wait, did I put those three items in the correct order? Maybe I should have led with being a mother! Also, I might have missed something else – what about me!?

The event introduced us to how Almay’s fresh approach to beauty can make a mom’s morning easy.  We don’t always have time for ourselves with all of the other things we have going on in our lives. Have you ever got your husband and child ready to head out the door, and then realized you are still in your pyjamas? It’s hard to juggle everything, and still have a moment to yourself.

The ladies behind the Sweet Potato Chronicle blog (Ceri and Laura) were announced at the event as the new spokeswomen for Almay Canada! They have a beautiful commercial launching which we previewed at the event that included thoughts from their children on what makes their mother beautiful.  The commercial is really sweet!


Sweet Potatoe Chronicles


They also provided us with some great tips on how to get out of the house in the morning…..with your sanity intact.

Some of them were really helpful! Here were a few of my favourites:

– Get more sleep by making breakfast in the crockpot! Let breakfast simmer overnight and wake up to one thing checked off your list.

– Pack your child’s backpack at night. When you are rushing in the morning you are bound to miss something. Get organized the night before.

– Become a weekend warrior and get some of your baking and cooking done on the weekend. Also, pre-pack your children’s snacks on the weekend as well. If you have a son like mine, you can’t leave the house without a snack. Pre-package the weeks snacks on the weekend so you can just grab-and-go during the week.

– Forget about cereal – make smoothies! You can pack more vitamins and nutrients into them than a bowl of cereal can give them.

I tried out some great Almay products while I was at the event, and I am so excited to see how they work into my everyday routine! Some of the products do the thinking for you by already including things like SPF into their formula, and some of their eye palettes already have complimentary colours organized to minimize the stress of wondering which shades to blend.


Almay Good Beautiful Morning Event sparkleshinylove

Check out the blog over the next few weeks to see what I think of these Almay products, and look out for Almay’s new commercial featuring the ladies from the Sweet Potato Chronicles which you can see on Almay’s Facebook page here.



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