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America Restaurant



As some of you may know, I love going out to dinner! What’s not to love? It means I’m not making the dinner myself, there is usually a great glass of wine waiting for me, and when it’s all over I just get to pay the bill and walk away without the thought of cleaning a dish.

Any excuse I can come up with is used to sway my hubby to take me out to dinner. It’s Friday – yay, let’s got to dinner! It’s Saturday night – no one makes dinner on Saturday night, so let’s go to dinner! It’s Monday, and I hate Monday’s – let’s go to dinner to keep motivated for the rest of the week! I’m brutal.

Our latest culinary adventure was to America Restaurant at the Trump Hotel in Toronto.

We had dined previously at the Trump (Stock Restaurant), but I had heard some really great things about America so we gave it a try on Valentine’s Day.

One thing I love about dining in hotels is the accessibility of valet parking! Especially with all of the snow and cold we have had in Toronto, I like just stepping out of the car into a warm lobby. America Restaurant offer’s $10 valet parking at the Trump Hotel after 5:30pm on weekdays, and all weekend. Unfortunately for us, there was a rather large wedding on the 9th floor that night (how romantic on Valentine’s Day!), so there was no parking available. This is where I took advantage of being a potential damsel in distress and had my husband drop me off at the front door since I was wearing rather high heels. There was parking available just next door luckily so he didn’t have too far to walk in the cold.

We took the elevator from the gorgeous Trump lobby to the 31st floor and were met by a smiling host and hostess ready to take our coats and whisk us to our seats.


America Restaurant Trump Hotel Toronto



The space had impossibly high ceilings, and large canvas prints on the walls broken up by a beautiful view from the windows looking out onto the city. They really do have a beautiful patio with an excellent view! The lighting changed throughout the night from white lights, to pink, to a darker, romantic pink as the night wore on. This will explain why some of my photo’s have a strange color to them!



America Restaurant Trump Hotel Toronto




America Restaurant Trump Hotel Toronto



The wine list was large enough that I had some great choices in the white wine section, so I was very happy. I was also happy to see wine’s from Niagara featured. I just hate to see Toronto restaurants who don’t feature some of the amazing local wineries we have in Ontario.

The menu that night included a special prix fixe menu, and a selection of their most popular dishes from their regular menu were also available.

We had fresh warm bread delivered to our table, and I especially liked the corn bread. It was pretty much to die for, and was almost a meal in itself.

We started with a few oysters. They were ice cold, fresh, and were a great way to start off the meal.



America Restaurant Trump Hotel Toronto



Once I saw the word “lobster” on the menu, I knew what I was having. Well, really I didn’t know what I was having since the description was rather complicated, but I knew there was a lobster involved so I was in!

I had the Lobster Rockefeller, and the description said: steakhouse spinach, idaho puffs, philly cheese dip. I wasn’t sure exactly what I was getting into, but once it arrived and I took my first bite I was so happy I ordered it. The lobster was completely removed from the shell, and it was cooked to perfection. It came with a hefty price tag ($58) but it was well worth it. I gave my husband the smallest bite possible (it was Valentine’s Day so I pretty much had to share), and he just said “whoa”. He is a man of few words.



America Restaurant Trump Hotel Toronto



My husband ate the Roasted Grain-Fed Chicken ($29), which included roasted roots, Mexican truffle, and a sage and celery stuffing or (stuffin’ as they called it on the menu). He was apparently very hungry because he didn’t even give me a chance to take a shot of it before he tore the dish apart. I had a few bites of his meal (he is way more generous than I am), and the chicken was very tender, and the stuffing was really tasty. I would have been happy to have ordered that as well!

Our server was lovely and checked on us often to see if we had everything we needed. Our water glasses never went lower than half way, so I would say the service was very well done.

I really loved the music in the restaurant as well. The music wasn’t so loud that I couldn’t carry a conversation which was great, and it was fun and kept things lively. At night this restaurant serves a latenight crowd with a DJ and bottle service.

I am really looking forward to going back soon for drinks in the bar, and possibly a bit more lobster.

America Restaurant is located at The Trump Hotel, 325 Bay St. 31st floor, Toronto, Ontario and you can visit their website here.



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