Grey Sweater Dress

Grey sweater dress with grey over the knee boots


Grey sweater dress with grey over the knee boots


  Grey sweater dress with grey over the knee boots



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Grey sweater dress with boots

medium chanel flap bag



Fall outfit ideas


What to wear this fall from nordstrom



Dress – Nordstrom // Boots – Call it Spring // Sunglasses – Dior // Bag – Chanel



My love for wearing dresses in the summer is a bit more of a complicated matter moving into fall. I love wearing dresses period, but finding dresses for fall and winter is not only more difficult, but there’s the issue of keeping warm too. Sweater dresses make life so much easier! I don’t often wear panty hose with dresses, so pairing a sweater dress with a pair over-the-knee boots keeps me warm to the point that it feels like I’m almost wearing pants and a top.

So far I’ve picked up three sweater dresses from Nordstrom, and all of them alternate a place in my heard of being my favourite. This one has a really cute neckline that makes it a bit more dressy than my other two, and it also comes in pink! I have a shop with me video coming up on Thursday where I am trying on the pink one – it’s so cute as well!

I just bought a new pair of black over-the-knee boots from Steve Madden (via yesterday, but these grey boots are still in perfect condition from last fall. I also have a brown pair, and I may go for a fourth because as I mentioned they keep me warm!

This week I’ve got lots of prep going on at home with Thanksgiving coming. We have three dinners in total, and so far I’m hosting one (there may be a second for me to host as well – I’m just waiting to see!) so I’ve been doing lots of cleaning (so exciting) and prepping for having a house full of guests.

I always want to wear a cute outfit for Thanksgiving, but when I’m hosting I’m SO hot in the kitchen that I usually just want to wear jeans and a t-shirt! Usually after going through all of the trouble of cooking as well I am not even interested in eating. I just want wine and bed, but that’s not very social of me so obviously I make a bit more of an effort. Really by the time it’s all over I’m exhausted, and try not to think about doing it all over again at Christmas!

Only a few more days until the long weekend – are you ready for Thanksgiving? Or are you prepping this week like I am?




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