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I have a horrible memory. Ask me to remember a name, a date – even what I was supposed to be doing tomorrow and I likely won’t have an answer. I’m constantly writing things down so I don’t forget where I’m going and what I’m doing!

That’s why I find it so strange that a scent can bring back such a strong memory for me. Suddenly after smelling a perfume or even the scent of a meal can remind me of something vividly from years ago!

I think the one trip that always seems evoke the most memories was the one I took after university with my husband to Europe. We spent almost 4 weeks making our way from country to country, and so much was packed into that trip that it would be difficult not to have some amazing memories.

We became engaged on that trip, and little things like one of the songs playing on the bus we took the day after we were engaged brings me back to how incredibly happy I was, or the scent of Greek food reminds me of that random Gyro stop we made in the middle of the Greece somewhere.

The smell of certain fresh flowers reminds me of our time in France. We have actually been to France twice now, and every time I smell certain flowers I think of the days we spent exploring markets, sipping wine, and seeing some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen.

I recently received some of the new Pine-Sol scents in the mail – Original, Mandarin, and Spring Blossom – and the Spring Blossom scent brought me back again!









I’ve always loved the original Pine-Sol scent because my mother used to use it, and I’ve always bought that scent for my own home. Now that I’ve tried Spring Blossom I’ve been using it in my own home, and I find it so calming and relaxing to have that scent tied with my time in France. I wonder if my own son will be reminded when he’s older of that scent now that I’ve been using it!





It’s amazing how the slightest scent can bring back some of my favourite memories. Who would have expected that something I did my cleaning with in my home would do that for me! The new Pine-Sol scents really are amazing – to learn more about them visit their website here.



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Xoxo Mandy


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