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Dyson V6 Slim Review sparkleshinylove


Housework is something I loathe. The thing that made me the most nervous when it came to moving in with my husband was not how we would get along, but the expectation of me cooking and cleaning!

Luckily in our home we share most of the housework (I’m stuck with the cooking), but my husband actually enjoys it so much more than I do. His idea of vaccuming and MY idea of vacuuming are so different. I zip through the house in a matter of moments when I vacuum, but when my husband vaccums he takes an excruciatingly long time.

When our new Dyson V6 Slim arrived at our door my husband almost laughed at me because he knew my distain for vacuuming and housework, but I was super excited to put it together and try it out!

Assembly was so easy I didn’t even need his help! The V6 Slim converts from a full to handheld vacuum with just a snap!
Dyson V6 Slim Review sparkleshinylove
Dyson V6 Slim Review sparkleshinylove

The upstairs of our home is carpeted while the lower level has a mix of hardwood, tile and rugs so there is a lot of ground to cover, and lots of different flooring to deal with.

In my opinion the best part about the Dyson V6 Slim is that it’s cordless! After charging it lasts for 20 minutes of vacuuming time, and then I can easily place it back into it’s base to charge up again. It takes 3.5 hours for a full charge.

Dyson V6 Slim Review sparkleshinylove
It’s been especially great to have a handheld for all of the toddler messes I come across, and to spot clean my car after my son drops a bag of Cheerios in the backseat.

Dyson V6 Slim Review sparkleshinylove

I really didn’t expect to like this vacuum that much, but it’s super powerful, and I can use it on tile, hardwood or carpet easily. If I suck up something important I can easily find it again since the storage bin is clear! To empty the chamber you just press a button and it empties into the trash.

Dyson V6 Slim Review sparkleshinylove
The filter will last a lifetime since it’s washable, and it’s super light so I don’t actually feel like I’m doing that much work to get the house clean.

Do I love housework now? Well love is a strong word, but lately it’s been a lot more fun!

For more information on the Dyson V6 Slim, visit their website here!





This item was provided for me for review, but all opinions are fabulously my own!

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