How I Made It Through The 21 Day Credit-Free Challenge!

Well, I made it! I am at the end of the Interac® 21 Day Credit-Free Challenge. The challenge was to put my credit cards away and only use my Interac Debit card. For 21 days I didn’t touch my credit cards, and you know what?  It actually wasn’t that hard!

My Interac Debit card was accepted everywhere I shopped!  Even when I was away on my trip to Prince Edward County, I could use it at every restaurant and antique shop I visited.

When I was shopping over the 21 days, I made sure to keep my debit card in my wallet and only spent the money in my bank account by using my Interac  Debit card.

It felt so good to make it to the end of the challenge.  I really didn’t need my credit card at all.  Interac  Debit was accepted everywhere, and it felt good to not accumulate debt while shopping, on trips, and during my every day spending. I could easily keep track of everything I spent.

I had some bad habits to break, like just throwing my credit card down while on vacation and worrying about the bills later.  I felt relief at the end of my trip knowing there was no credit card bill coming to haunt me later – I knew what I spent with my Interac Debit card, and I tracked my budget accordingly.

Another bad shopping habit – when I didn’t have enough money in my account for something, I would use my credit card.  By not using my credit card, I only purchased the things I could afford.  This made my wallet happy, and my husband happy!  I made myself accountable for everything I purchased, instead of buying now and paying later.

Hopefully my success in the challenge will encourage you to challenge yourself and stick to using your Interac Debit card instead of credit.

After making it to 21 days credit free, I feel like I’ve broken my credit card habit, and I can move forward sticking to using my Interac Debit card!

To learn more about the Interac 21 Day Credit-Free Challenge visit to watch 21 helpful videos that will help you succeed at the challenge, and provide you with tips and encouragement to make the challenge successful.

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