Must-Have’s for Fall

Fall weekend wear sparkleshinylove


1. Chloe Marcie Mini Saddle Bag, Gray
2. Dreamers By Debut, Lace Trim Pullover
3. Frame Le Colour Ripped Jeans
4. Dynamite Asymmetric Plaid Scarf
5. 1460W Victorian Flowers Doc Martins
6. Layered and Long Gold Bar Necklace



There is no season I love dressing for more than fall. Layering makes an outfit so much more creative, and it’s fun to piece them together.

My list of must-have’s for fall are pretty basic, but I think they are essentials for the cooler months coming up.

Sweaters with a layer of lace already sewn in aren’t easy to find, but every time I see one I want it! It’s so hard to create this look by layering a lace top underneath because there aren’t many with a great long cut to go under a sweater. Having it already part of the sweater is a perfect fit.



Must-Have's for Fall sparkleshinylove



Black jeans (especially ripped ones) are on most must-have lists for fall, and these ones on my list by Frame have long slits from knee to thigh with a skinny fit.


Must-Have's for Fall sparkleshinylove


Saddle bags are all the rage right now, and this mini Chloe bag is my dream purse. It’s small and perfect for running errands or shopping with your hands free.


Must-Have's for Fall sparkleshinylove


Chunky necklaces have stepped aside for layered chains, and this gold bar necklace in my fall favourites list is customizable to add anything from initials to a favourite quote.



Must-Have's for Fall sparkleshinylove



Since the weather has turned colder I’ve started rotating my endless supply of blanket scarves. This season there are so many more patterns out there compared to last year, so you really could find one for every day of the week. Dynamite has an amazing selection of beautiful prints and colors.



Must-Have's for Fall sparkleshinylove


Doc Martins have some really fun patterns, and this floral pair add a pop of colour to this mostly neutral-grey outfit. Florals are a great trend for fall right now, and this print can be mixed and matched with anything from stripes to chambray. I found these Docs on UnionJackBoots, but check out the site for more floral patterns (and other fun patterns too).



Must-Have's for Fall sparkleshinylove



What is on your must-have’s for fall list? Is there anything I missed on mine?



Mandy Furnis



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