How I keep #SnackingElevated with barkTHINS®

#snackingelevated with BarkThins


I am a snacker! I get a little stressed out at the end of the day if I don’t have a good snack for my evening catch up on TV shows. I always have something in my purse, and I even have a “snacks” subheading on my grocery list. I take snacking very seriously.

My favorite time to snack has to be after my son goes to bed! Here’s the thing – I don’t really like sharing my snacks. My husband tries to share with me all the time and after a while I start swatting his hand away because I want to relax and have something to snack on all to myself.

Once I hit the couch and start either working on my laptop or watching TV, I get comfy with my snack of the night! For the last month I’ve been all about barkTHINS®! I just love having a bit of time to myself to relax, and after my son is in bed I finally get a chance to slow things down.



#snackingelevated with BarkThins



#snackingelevated with BarkThins



My favorite flavour hands-down is Dark Chocolate Almond with Sea Salt. My husband and I actually had a make-it-or-break-it marriage threatening fight over this flavour because both loved it! Luckily I have a hiding spot in the kitchen he has no idea about so I basically finished these barkTHINS® on my own.



#snackingelevated with BarkThins



Really though, all of the flavours I tried were super yummy! The Dark Chocolate Pretzel with Sea Salt was the perfect combo of sweet and salty! The Dark Chocolate Coconut with Almonds was a good peace offering to my husband because of the almonds, but I obviously ate a bunch of them too because I love coconut! The Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seed with Sea Salt barkTHINS® had just enough crunch!

I love the bag barkTHINS® come in as well because it’s resealable which is key when I’m running around! I love throwing snacks into my purse for work or when I’m running around and need something to tide me over before meals. Life with a toddler means I’m constantly running him to birthday parties, play dates and sports so I need to have a snack in my purse. Luckily these resealable bags are perfect for taking on the go.



#snackingelevated with BarkThins



They are seriously so good that I’ve even set them out on a pretty cutting board for a party. One day I did the same for myself when I wanted to enjoy some wine and a snack while hanging out on the weekend, so I thought why not set them out for guests. The barkTHINS® looked like I went to some sort of decadent chocolate shop and picked up some hand-crafted artisan chocolate for my guests!



#snackingelevated with BarkThins



Not only do they elevate my snacking game, but barkTHINS® are Non-GMO Project verified, are Fair Trade Ingredients™ certified, and contain no artificial colors or flavors.

For the first time us Canadians are able to our their hands on all four barkTHINS® flavours starting in February! The only problem with this? All of my friends will start to figure out my little hostess secret about these snacks! They bring #snackingelevated to another level. You can pick up your own barkTHINS® at Shoppers Drug Mart, Costco, Walmart, Sobeys, Loblaws, Rexall, London Drugs or your local Metro store.

For details, head over to the barkTHINS® website here! Once you pick some up yourself, use the hashtag #betterwithbarkTHINS to show off how you enjoy this snack!



I received product from barkTHINS and wanted to share it with you. This post is sponsored by barkTHINS, however, all opinions are completely my own and are based on my experience.



Xoxo Mandy

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