Keeping my Eyewear Stored Stylishly with OYOBox

OYOBox Sunglasses Holder Review and giveaway


There are two things I don’t leave home without – my lip gloss, and my sunglasses. Even on a rainy day I still have my sunglasses on, and if it weren’t socially unacceptable I’d probably even wear them indoors. I’m not sure at this point if it’s a habit, or a necessity, but I take my sunnies pretty seriously.

Previously I kept them in the boxes they came in, but that means I have boxes and boxes everywhere which isn’t the best way to display them. Because I often purchase the same brands of sunglasses, their cases and boxes often look the same so it’s hard to determine which is which.

For a girl like me who loves her sunglasses (the flashier the better), the OYOBox has been a bit of a savior.



OYOBox Sunglasses Holder Review and giveaway


OYOBox is luxury home for all of my sunglasses. I obviously needed the large box which holds 8 pairs of sunglasses, and it’s interior has a soft padding to keep them all scratch free. The box itself is gorgeous and comes in 10+ colors and wood finishes, and it will look incredible in my new walk-in closet which should be done in a couple more weeks!

The shatter-proof lid allows me to see all of the styles on display (it feels like I’m shopping for them all over again when they are displayed like this!), and the base is velvet with a washable interior.

I can’t think of a more stylish way to display and protect my sunglasses! It would make the perfect gift for someone who loves their sunglasses as much as I do!


OYOBox Sunglasses Holder Review and giveaway


You can find more details about OYOBox online on their website here, and you can also find them in Neiman Marcus, and many Four Seasons Hotel Gift Shops and specialty boutiques.

Now for the exciting part – I’m giving away an OYOBox to one lucky reader!

I am giving away the OYOBox Mini pictured on my Instagram account here.

Head over to my account to enter now for your chance to win!





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