Leather Sleeved Jackets for Fall and Winter


I’ve been pretty leather-obsessed lately, buying any type of top, pant, or skirt that is either leather or has leather accents. Lucky for me it’s not hard to go shopping and find of one these items. Not so lucky for my wallet, but a girls got to build up her winter wardrobe!

My latest hunt was for a jacket with leather sleeves because I just love the look of them. I had a hard time choosing one, but my final choice ended up being from Forever 21. I’ve added what I found along the way below.



This is the one that I am wearing from Forever 21 below.




This jacket other jacket from Forever 21 was in my online shopping cart for a bit!




This one from Reitmans is only $29.99!




Aritiza always has what I am looking for, and of course they have super cute versions of this style. Talulah’s version is cute!




This Mackage jacket from Aritzia will probably break the bank (it would break mine), but wow it’s pretty!




This furry one from Express looks cozy. That’s likely because it’s furry. Well played Express.




This Banana Republic outfit as a whole needs to be mine. I love how slim the jacket fits.




Club Monaco has a few jackets with leather selves, but this one is my favourite!





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