A Mean Spring Clean with Clorox




I spend every day of the week picking up after my Yorkie, son and husband, but I only spend one day of the week doing a deep clean.

With spring here my house just doesn’t feel fresh enough! I want to open all of the windows, air things out, and start with a fresh and sparkly home to move into the summer.

Cleaning is NOT something I enjoy. Obviously I needed to read up on the subject to try and find some joy in it. What I DO love is the finished product – a clean home makes me feel a bit calmer, and a bit happier! So sometimes you just need to throw on the pink rubber gloves and make it happen! Luckily I received a package of cleaning products to get my spring cleaning going.








Let’s get something clear as well – I am a LAZY cleaner. As in, if a product does most of the work then I’m all in. One of my favroutie things to use are these Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. Why? Just pull one out, wipe the surface clean, and goodbye. So easy. I use them on everything from kitchen spills, bathroom messes and cleaning my smart phone after being sick! I’m all about easy when it comes to cleaning.





I have to admit I don’t have alot of experience with bleach. This is my first bleach product – I don’t actually have bleach or any other bleach product in the house. And then I used this spray. I get it. This spray foams upon impact, and it made my sinks shine! The Clorox Disinfecting Bleach Foamer Spray is perfect for cleaning up the bathroom as well.






Clorox Liquid-Plumr was a product my hubby was happy to see. I’m sure all husbands would rejoice when they saw there was a product specifically meant to rid their drains of our lost hair. It’s one of my hubby’s biggest pet peeves – his actual response to seeing the product was “Hey! Cool!”. I can report back that he was a big fan of it after using it. He just had to pour it down the drain, wait 15 minutes, then flush it with hot water to remove any build up and clogs.






Also another job I don’t take on – garbage duty. Even when I try to help I never buy the right sized bags. I end up throwing out things with water still in them and drag the mess across the floor – really I’m banned from handling the garbage in my home.

The Glad Compostable bags have Febreze Fresh Lemon Scent which is so cool – I love it when bags have a fresh scent, especially when it comes to dealing with garbage or compost.

The Glad Easy-Tie Tall Kitchen Catchers Garbage Bags also had a Febreze Fresh clean scent to them which is awesome, and I can attest to using them since that is the only garbage I end up emptying in my house – the kitchen garbage. I loved their Easy-Tie closure as well so I didn’t need to touch any of the gross stuff.

Finally the Glad Easy-Tie Regular Garbage bags were used in my husbands department, and he was impressed with






So although I’m not a fan of cleaning, at least I’ve gotten a head start on my spring cleaning! Thanks to Clorox for sending these products to get me started!






Items in this post were provided to me for review and I was compensated for my post, but all opinions are fabulously my own.





Xoxo Mandy


  1. Sab Edwards
    May 3, 2017 / 11:32 am

    Did you want to come to my house too?

    • Roxymandy
      May 4, 2017 / 2:39 pm

      Haha on my way!

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