Must Have’s for Kids During Cold and Flu Season



I am so sick of runny noses. Even when my son doesn’t have one (this would be considered rare), when I drop him off at school he is surrounded by other kids with runny noses. It’s inevitable at this time of year that your kid is going to get sick, which can be so exhausting. It’s one thing when you are sick, but when your child is sick it just seems so much more tiring. When you are both sick, well those are the times you call for help (ie. your own mom).

I was shopping online this week and found some awesome gadgets to help get you through cold and flu season. Some of them look a little ridiculous, but some of them could be considered in my eyes to be the greatest invention of all time. Maybe I have the bar set low, but when you are in the middle of a haze of humidifiers, Tylenol doses, and lack of sleep, anything that helps seems miraculous.



I really wish I had of known about this really cool thermometer when my son was a baby. If any of you have tried to place a thermometer under your child’s tongue, you know how ingenious this is!




Summer Infant Pacifier Thermometer



I think this pacifier is another awesome concept as well. It’s called The Medicator, which is a pretty hard-core name, and it looks like a great sneaky way to get medicine into your little one.







Muchkin The Medicator



This sippy cup totally rocks! Once kids actually figure out what medicine is, they don’t want to take it. Being super sneaky about it is the best way to go, and this sippy cup is the perfect disguise.







Sippy Sure Medicine Dispensing Sippy Cup



Obviously regular baby wipes are a good way to go when it comes to a runny nose, but I’ve been a big fan of Boogie Wipes for a while now. They come in a couple of different scents (or un-scented), and my favourite is grape – it smells amazing! They are super soft, gentle, and it’s a bit easier to wipe down my sons face when he gets distracted by the yummy smell!




Boogie Wipes



Ava The Elephant is a medicine dispenser that talks! It sings, and says “1, 2, 3, open wide! Good job!”. This product was invested in on Shark Tank!




Ava The Elephant



When my son still fit in his car seat it was a great spot for him to sleep, especially when he was sick and he has a stuffy nose because he would be able to breathe easier sleeping upright. The Dozer is meant to turn your car seat into a rocking chair. It weighs less than 1lb so it’s light and portable as well.







Dozer Rocker



This pacifier works with you to keep the germs away – it actually closes when it hits the floor.




RaZBaby Keep it Clean Pacifier



I am the worst at remembering things – especially important things like how long it’s been since my son’s last dose of medicine. I really could have used this device when I had a newborn – the itzbeen Pocket Nanny can track when the next feeding, changing, lengths of naps, and can alert you to anything else you need to remember – like the next dose if medicine!




itzbeen Pocket Nanny


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