My 5 Current Beauty Favourites

My 5 Current Beauty Favourites sparkleshinylove



I’ve switched up a few things with my beauty routine over the summer, and really it was more of an experiment in trial and error.

I noticed before the summer that my breakouts were getting a little out of control.

Sometimes it feels like I have the worst skin – if I get one blemish, it scars and takes FOREVER to recover. It’s so frustrating to scar so easily. I was get a little stressed with each breakout, and I felt like I was dealing with them WAAAAY too often so I made a few changes.


My 5 Current Beauty Favourites sparkleshinylove


There are a few things I have to say I can’t live without right now, and these products may not be new to you, but they were new to my routine and I absolutely love them!



My 5 Current Beauty Favourites sparkleshinylove



First up, I am probably the LAST one on this train, but I finally gave Pixie Glow Tonic a try, and I have already been through two bottles.

This is a little mini I found at Target in the States to use while I travel, and the larger bottles I seem to go through very quickly.

I feel like this has honestly been the turning point with my breakouts. It’s been a total lifesaver and it’s been keeping my skin clean!

Next up – Glossier!


My 5 Current Beauty Favourites sparkleshinylove


I went to a dinner party in the winter and people were raving about the brand. At the time they didn’t ship to the US, but now they do! I actually went to Glossier in NYC and waited in line at their SoHo showroom.

They only let a few people into the showroom at a time so you can spend time with the staff and speak about each product.

I’ve been using the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser every day, and it’s probably the most gentle cleaner I’ve ever used. It doesn’t dry out my skin at all, and sometimes I won’t even wipe it all off because it just feels that good on my skin!



My 5 Current Beauty Favourites sparkleshinylove



Continuing with my new Glossier obsession, this mask is AMAZING! The Mega Greens Galaxy Pack is like life in a jar. It literally brings your face back from the dead. I’ve used it when I just feel UGH and it brightens me right up!



My 5 Current Beauty Favourites sparkleshinylove


Haloscope has to be the first highlighter I’ve ever used that doesn’t look like I’ve rubbed sparkles across my face.



My 5 Current Beauty Favourites sparkleshinylove



I think it looks amazing even without makeup – it’s just a pretty little highlighter that is very natural and flattering.



My 5 Current Beauty Favourites sparkleshinylove



This is one product I had in my cabinet for a while but waited to try. I’ve only been using SkinCeuticals C E FERULIC for a few weeks and so far I like it. Here’s what I think so far – it has a scent that I don’t love, but it’s not a completely terrible smell. This is going to sound funny, but it smells like black forest ham to me. I know, what a random thing to associate with it, but it has that scent. It absorbs super quickly, and you can’t actually smell it on my skin – it’s really just the application.

Everyone’s scent tolerance is different, but that’s what I think it smells like! Otherwise I’m looking forward to see how it goes!

Let me know if there’s something YOU are loving right now! I love finding new products to give a go!



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