My Consultation and Power Program Treatment with DLK on Avenue

My review of my experience at DLK on Avenue; Power Program Treatment at DLK on Avenue; Mandy Furnis sparkleshinylove;


Some of you have noticed that on Instagram Stories that I’ve been chatting about my first couple visits to DLK on Avenue. It all stemmed from something I’ve really wanted to do for quite a while, which was sit down with an expert to talk about skincare – specifically mine!

As a blogger I’m so lucky to be able to go to all kinds of events that celebrate launches of skincare products, but these events tend to focus on a specific product with the presentation focusing on what the product can do, and not to do with if I SHOULD use it based on my own skincare concerns.

I’ve found that my most recent chats with girlfriends at lunches and events tend to pause on skincare. What is everyone doing? Has anyone tried this or have they heard about that? What I’ve to come realize is that everyone has their own specific skincare concerns, so it’s important to have a plan that’s personalized.

Cue my visit to DLK on Avenue! Situated a minutes’ walk from my favorite little Yorkville stop Sorelle, DLK on Avenue sprawls multiple floors and is a bright and cheerful spot. A warm hello was followed with not only the offer of water, but the question of it I would rather it chilled or room temperature. I mean, even my water choice was personalized – I had a good feeling at my first consultation!

DLK on Avenue is a cosmetic dermatology and laser clinic, and although all of the treatments provided are listed on the website, my first visit prior to trying anything was a consultation directly with the Doctor – Dr. Lisa Kellett.

I was to arrive with no makeup on, and I first met with a nurse to discuss my skincare concerns and why I was at the clinic. When Dr. Kellett arrived she sat down right in front of me and stared at my skin! I have never had someone do this before to be honest! Lights on, no makeup, and a doctor was assessing my skin. This was exactly what I was looking for!

She immediately told me things about my skin that I felt only I had personally noticed. She immediately knew my heritage, and all of her assessments about what bothered me about my skin and it’s little “quirks” (my pigment holds colour for a long time, my skin easily scars, ect.) so I was beyond impressed. We had a great talk about what my skincare routine should look like, and we chatted about what was important for the health of my skin.

She said a few things that really stuck with me. We talked for quite a while about the importance of sunscreen. I know that we all hear that we should apply it daily, but she has seen patients which have ignored this warning, and I left convinced that it should be a key part of my routine! She introduced me to an amazing sunscreen in spray form that dries quickly, and actually feels really great to put on!

My biggest take away is the routine that I should be following, which I have to admit I was not. In the morning I should be starting with sunscreen (Dr. Kellett said to start with the most important product first), then add a Vitamin C, moisturizer and go from there! In the evening I should be exfoliating each evening (I wasn’t), then applying Vitamin A, then a moisturizer.

A plan! This is what I needed! I often have all of these products on hand, but what order should I use them in? Should I use them all? I had my answers. I went home with some of the medical grade Clear Clinical products from DLK on Avenue, and I’ve been using them ever since.

Another great takeaway was our conversation about what treatment would be best for me. I’m a girl who occasionally does facials, and that’s about it! I’ve decided not to try injectables yet, so in absence of that what treatment would be the best to try? I loved that Dr. Kellett said that I could potentially try anything, but would it be best for the health of my skin? She said what’s most important is the health of my skin, and with that in mind I should consider that before trying anything. I loved that! That is definitely not how I was looking at my skincare.

To get started she suggested I try the DLK Power Program Treatment. I was excited to come back for my appointment!

My review of my experience at DLK on Avenue; Power Program Treatment at DLK on Avenue; Mandy Furnis sparkleshinylove;

Prior to my treatment I read the description on the website over and over again, and what I particularly love about the DLK on Avenue website is they talk about happens pre-treatment, post-treatment and the results. I love to know what to expect, and I found this super helpful.

I got comfortable for this treatment as I heard it was very relaxing (which it really was – I fell asleep at one point!). It started with the TriPollar handset heating my skin around my eyes. It felt like a warm marker was being traced along my eyes.

Next the treatment moved to my whole face as CO2 bubbles were used to give a microdermabrasion-style exfoliation. This felt so good! Everything was painless, and I felt so relaxed during the treatment that I felt like I had just spent time in a relaxing spa.

Honest assessment? My skin was glowing that night when I went out to dinner! It still looks amazing now, and it’s been 4 days. I could tell that the lines I don’t love on my face seemed lighter and less noticeable, and I just looked so fresh faced! I felt like I looked a lot healthier, and I’ve decided I really need to do this treatment again! I was so excited that I tried something that really made a difference. I love the way my skin looks after a facial, but this was so much more of a pronounced difference.

As I mentioned I was off to dinner a few hours later, and the lack of downtime after this treatment that made such a difference was a huge bonus.

I’ve never tried any kind of treatment that gave me these kinds of results before, so I was so happy with my experience not only with my treatment, but my consultation with Dr. Kellett. I had finally done what I had always wanted to – met with an expert to talk specifically about my skin, and tried a treatment that had actual results.

As you can tell I am very happy about my experience! I promised to give my honest review, and I really can’t say enough good things about my personal experience. Please feel free to ask me anything via email if you want ask me more about my experience with DLK on Avenue!

I’d also like to thank them for inviting me to have this experience – it was great to have the opportunity!

My review of my experience at DLK on Avenue; Power Program Treatment at DLK on Avenue; Mandy Furnis sparkleshinylove;











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  1. May 17, 2019 / 3:55 am

    Could you name the spray sunscreen that the consulting physician recommended
    I wear sunscreen daily and am looking for a good one that can be reapplied during the day over my makeup
    I do like Colorscience brush on powder SPF 50 but do find that it leaves me looking like my foundation is too matte
    I like the dewy look but not greasy either
    Thank you for any product advice
    I live in Eastern Ontario and going to TO is too far for a consultation lol

    • Roxymandy
      May 17, 2019 / 2:14 pm

      Hello! This is the one here by Clear Clinical – it’s been very easy to apply makeup on top of!
      I’m also using their Hydrating Day Cream and Polishing Gel Cleanser! I normally have very oily skin, and I’ve found all of these products to be moisturizing, but not oily!

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