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Amazon distressed state sweater; Amazon fashion finds





I just love it when I order something from Amazon, and it ends up being something I can’t live without! It doesn’t happen all of the time, but most of the time I end up very happy.

Amazon fashion can be a bit harder to navigate because there is so much to chose from, and it can be difficult to understand sizing from a retailer you haven’t purchased from before.

You also run into the issue of trying to figure how true the photo could be compared to the actual item that will arrive – it’s not like the mall where you can run in and double check!

This month a had a few new arrivals come in and all of them have been amazing! Not only were they a steal in price, but all of them ended up being great quality.

First up – this pretty heart sweater! It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day, and this lightweight sweater is a great fit and was an amazing price! Does it look like the photo in person? Yes – it does!




Amazon heart sweater; amazon fashion find



I know I have a lot of star sweaters, but here’s another one that I love! This one looked a little too good to be true in the photo, but it ended up being perfect! It’s super long, lightweight, it has cute distressing, and I love it! It does differ from the original photo almost completely, but I got lucky and I still do love what arrived. It looks a bit more knitted in the photo.


Amazon distressed state sweater; Amazon fashion finds


I love tie front waffle sweaters! I have another one on it’s way linked here, but I ordered this one in pink, and then a great one in black as well! The pink one is quite a bit roomier and longer in the back compared to the black one.

I love the colour of the pink one, but I actually like the fit of the black one better! It’s just a little too long in the back, but I’m still wearing it! Both of these items looked just the photo!


Pink tie front shirt; Amazon fashion find

Pink tie front shirt; Amazon fashion find



Black tie front waffle shirt; Amazon fashion find

Black tie front waffle shirt; Amazon fashion find


My headband pictured with the pink top is a great Amazon find linked here! You can order it via Prime, and it’s only $10.99! It’s exactly the way it looks in the photo!


Amazon pearl pink headband



Last week I was also raving about this amazing hair dryer brush – it’s a game changer! I can blow dry and straighten in only 6 minutes which is amazing. I hardly reach for my straightener anymore.




What are your Amazon favourites? Let me know – I love shopping from my couch!










Items in this post may have been provided to me for review, but all opinions are fabulously my own.











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    Lovely photos you look so lovely I shared and liked You and Your Family have a Great February

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