Review of Jax Coco Kidz

Jax Coco Kidz review sparkleshinylove
My son loves it when deliveries come to the house for him, and last week a package arrived that had him pretty excited.
Jax Coco Kidz review sparkleshinylove
I had never tried giving my son coconut water before the container full of jax coco Kidz arrived, and honestly I just hadn’t thought of it.

Usually my son drinks water, milk or juice with his meals or when we are on the go. The easiest thing for me to do is grab a juice box to throw in my purse for when we are heading out to a play date, or pack his lunch with a juice box because they are so easy to transport.

Jax Coco Kidz review sparkleshinylove

jax coco Kidz are in tetra packs so they are just as easily transportable, and they come in fun flavours with packaging to match so they look appealing to kids.

My son wanted to try them right away, so he started out with the banana flavoured jax coco Kidz. There was no doubt he loved it because he drank it right in front of me, and fast!

He immediately wanted to try another one! I couldn’t even protest because I wasn’t winning this fight – he was begging for another one. I let him try the grape flavoured jax coco Kidz next, and he finished that one just as quickly.

Jax Coco Kidz Review sparkleshinylove
Jax Coco Kidz Review sparkleshinylove

jax coco Kidz have up to 70% less sugar than orange juice, so I didn’t feel too badly about letting my son drink so much coconut water in one sitting. They have no preservatives, are not from concentrate, and are made with 100% pure micro filtered water and contain either whole fruit purée or pure cocoa.

Basically these jax coco Kidz only lasted one more day in our house before they were gone. I had a lunch I needed to pack for him the next day, and the only issue I had was when he asked for another coconut water. It blew my mind how much he loved jax coco Kidz.

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