Review of NeoStrata’s Vitamin C Concentrate

Neo strata vitamin c concentrate review sparkleshinylove



I’ve always wanted to try Vitamin C capsules because I have heard they do amazing things for your skin! NeoStrata was giving away lots of their skincare essentials at Fashion Week in Toronto last month, and as soon as I saw the capsules I was excited and pretty much pounced on the NeoStrata representative.

Previously I used an amazing NeoStrata cream as part of my skincare regimin even, so I wasn’t hesitant about using one of their products.

The NeoStrata Vitamin C Concentrate capsules are to be used twice a day, and they are easy to twist open. Once the top is twisted off, the Vitamin C serum rushes out immediately so you have to be careful!



NeoStrata vitamin c concentrate review sparkleshinylove



There is no smell to the serum at all, but the way it feels on your face is crazy! It almost feels like applying a primer, but it’s smoother than that. Once you smooth it over your face and neck it feels like you have covered your face in a mask. It feels exactly as soft as I would want my face to feel. It would take about 20 minutes before it felt like the Vitamin C sunk in. Each capsule contains 10% Vitamin C, so it’s a good place to start with since capsules can contain up to 20%. It’s very easy to irritate your skin with Vitamin C as well so you have to be careful!






It’s also important to use the capsule immediately after opening it because Vitamin C can degrade quickly when it is exposed to light or air.

The capsules are for all skin types, and recommended for ages 30+ to repair loss of raidience, and to promote skin clarity and elasticity.

After using them for a week I didn’t see any major results, but I am definitely buying more capsules. I just loved the way it felt on my skin, and I didn’t feel like I needed to add a night or morning cream with it because my skin felt moisturized. The only issue I found was that I needed time to let it soak into my skin, and that is hard if you are pressed for time in the morning.

Overall it felt like a bit of luxury for my face, and that’s not a bad thing!

For more information on NeoStrata’s Vitamin C Concentrate, click here.



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