Wow 1 Day Painting Toronto’s Wow a Mom Mother’s Day Giveaway!

MOM = WOW (2)



This contest is pretty awesome!

I don’t know about you, but the hubby and I have had some serious disputes about painting the house. There is one thing we learned after doing some recent redecorating – the couple that lets someone else paint their house has a great chance at staying married!

WOW 1 DAY PAINTING Toronto has the ability to complete house painting projects often with same day service, so you aren’t spending weeks of waiting while painters are trying to finish up a project, and you aren’t spending even more time doing it yourself.

They can often guarantee they will complete your painting project in just 1 day! They use a large crew of skilled painters to complete projects carefully and efficiently.

Now for the really cool contest!

In honour of Mother’s day, WOW 1 DAY PAINTING Toronto would love to show their appreciation for and recognize an extra-special, well deserving MOM.

They would love to WOW a MOM this year by donating their time and services by completing a paint job of her home. Free!

All you have to do nominate the deserving MOM, and here is how:


STEP 1: Post a message on Facebook at or…

Post on Instagram @wow1daypaintingtoronto or…


Example: Hi @wow1daypainting! My #momiswow in Toronto!


STEP 2: Include a photo of this mom and her first name

STEP 3: Use #momiswow



When they get your posting, they will respond with a private message so you know you are entered.

The deadline for nominations is midnight Saturday, May 1st, and the selected MOM will be announced shortly after.

You can visit their website here, their Facebook page here, or their Instagram page here!

Good luck!








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