Review of Vichy Ideal Body Serum-Milk

Review of Vichy Ideal Body Serum-Milk



Oh I love a good lotion! I slather lotion on in the morning and at night, and especially after a long day outside or after a hot shower to replenish my skin. I go through a lot of lotion as well – it’s something I love to indulge in. I have a closet full of them actually! I have a little lotion department store in my linen closet. My husband is a little less enthusiastic about my “stash” of lotion taking up a whole shelf in the closet, but as usual he let’s it slide for the sake of my happiness.

Once I tried Vichy Ideal Body Serum-Milk, I pushed all of the other lotions out of the way and this has been my go-to for weeks. I am obsessed with it, and I am so sad to almost be out of it!

For Ideal Body Serum-Milk, Vichy used active ingredients traditionally used in face care for this formula to help women obtain fabulous skin quality on the body. Hyaluronic Acid and LHA were combined with 10 fundamental oils to provide firmer, smoother and more radiant skin.

First of all the smell is amazing! It’s quite a strong smell which was just fine with me, and I could smell roses and peaches in the scent. I think it’s one of the prettiest smelling scents in a lotion I have tried. It’s almost a peach coloured lotion, and it has a bit of a shimmer to it as well.

Review of Vichy Ideal Body Serum-Milk


Is it a body milk, or a serum? Well, it’s both! The consistency was between the two categories, hence the name. It absorbs quickly into the skin, and feels very light and airy.

It is an amazing moisturizer. It promises to give firmer, smoother and more radiant skin. I found that my skin did look a bit more radiant (I’m sure the shimmer in the lotion helped with this!) and I absolutely felt like my skin was smoother. As for firmness, I would likely need to give it more than a few weeks to make that determination.

For best results you should apply it just after the shower when you have damp skin to lock in moisture.

For those with sensitive skin it is Paraben-free and hypoallergenic.

Will I buy this product again? Absolutely! I love it. It smells amazing, and does a great job of moisturizing my skin. It feels like a luxury just to apply it.

I have tried a few Vichy products recently, and this one again is a great one to add to my beauty arsenal!


Vichy Review



For more information on Vichy Ideal Body Serum-milk, visit the Vichy website here!



Disclaimer: This product was provided to me for review, but all opinions are fabulously my own.



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