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Vichy proeven night review sparkleshinylove

You have heard about my love for Vichy ProEven Advanced Daily Dark Spot Corrector, but I recently got the chance from Chick Advisor to try out Vichy ProEVEN Night as well!

This product is a little different then the ProEVEN Daily Dark Spot Corrector formula because there are a few ways to apply it to encourage results.

The first way is to use every evening as a night treatment by applying a thin layer on your cleansed face. The second way is to use it once or twice a week as a mask. This method involves cleaning your face, then applying a thick layer of the night cream and allowing it to infuse into your skin for 5 minutes before removing the excess with a cotton pad.

I decided to try both ways to see what results I would experience!


Vichy ProEVEN night review sparkleshinylove



The concentration of LHA is 3 times greater in the night cream than the day cream, and it also includes Ceramide Bright and Vitamin C.

Over time the cream is meant to visibly reduce dark spots, sun spots and brown spots, and even out skin tone with improved skin texture and radiance.

I really loved the smell of this product – it was refreshing! I came out more like a gel than a cream, but went on smooth and I didn’t need a lot for coverage. Just putting it on at night was very soothing, and I didn’t wake up with oily skin the next morning.

When I used it as a mask it was very interesting because normally you would wash a mask off with water! This time around you were just to use a cotton pad or cotton ball so the night cream was still on your face. My skin felt very moisturised when doing this. It was like having a spa treatment done on my face.

Vichy ProEVEN Night

Since using Vichy ProEVEN Night, my skin has felt a lot smoother. It feels light enough to be worn during the day, and it feels so good to put on!

Because I am so tired at night, I felt like it was easier to use nightly instead of twice a week for 5 minutes as a mask. My skin tone seems much lighter now, and my skin just seems to be glowing a bit more.

I didn’t notice a big difference visually on my skin when using the night cream as a mask twice a week, or nightly instead. Both methods seemed to produce great results at the same rate. I did love how my skin felt after using it as a mask, but since I am strapped for time at night I thought using it nightly was more for me.

For more information on this product, please visit their website here, or to see more Chick Advisor reviews on Vichy ProEVEN Night click here.



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