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Every morning I get the same request from my son as soon as I wake him up – “Can I have a bowl of cereal?”. This kid would eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner if we let him, but so far we are just sticking to the mornings.

What happens if we don’t sit down for a bowl of cereal? Basically it completely ruins my toddler’s whole day, and in turn also puts a bit of a damper on my own. For the rest of the day he would talk about how he wanted cereal, and until he got that bowl of cereal he just wouldn’t be happy.

It doesn’t take much to realize that it’s best to stop and have cereal together in the morning instead of rushing out the door. That’s not even my mother’s instinct at work – it’s just common sense!

If anything, his love of cereal has slowed the whole family down every day at breakfast time. I have never been a big fan of eating breakfast. Before I had my son I hardly remember sitting down at our kitchen table to eat breakfast. I have always been a grab and go kind of girl!

You can’t exactly grab and go with cereal, so that means every morning we have to make sure there is enough time for us all to sit down and enjoy breakfast.


Moms just know rice krispies giveaway


We have stayed away from all of the sugary cereals on the grocery shelf and tried to pick healthy cereals for not only him, but all of us to eat each morning.

What’s great about Rice Krispies? Rice Krispies Original Cereal is made with the goodness of a simple grain and no artificial colours or flavours, making it a fun part of a nutritional breakfast. Rice Krispies Cereal is fat free and provides a source of 8 essential nutrients, including Vitamin D. And hello, it talks to you!

Not only does my son love to eat this cereal, but he loves to listen to it talk! He’s pretty hilarious about it, telling me his cereal says we should go to the toy store to buy him a present, and that he doesn’t have to put his dishes away. Apparently my toddler is also a comedian.



Moms just know rice krispies giveaway



Slowing down is important, especially because you don’t know how long these moments will be around. My husband and I take the time during breakfast to have a conversation with my son about what is coming up in his day, and we get a little quiet time before the craziness ensues.





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