Sago Mini Superhero Review

Sago Mini Superhero Review



Superheroes are so fascinating to children, and my son is no exception to this. One day he decided that superheroes were the coolest thing ever, and from that day forward he wanted to be one. He loves wearing capes, and playing games where he gets to save someone from “bad guys”. The only problem comes in when he tries to fly. This is a common problem I’m sure for most parents with “superhero” children.

When my son saw a photo of the new app Sago Mini Superhero, he was beyond excited for the launch!

Sago Mini Superhero Review



The main character is Jack the Rabbit, and he flys through the cityscape saving the day and encountering his other friends along the way.



Sago Mini Superhero Review


I love that Sago Mini apps are so easy for kids to navigate. My son started playing Sago Mini apps when he was three, and he has never become frustrated or confused in navigating them. They are so user friendly for toddlers, and they come with fun surprises!

I loved that the CN Tower was featured in the app as well! It’s a great tribute to the home of Sago Mini headquarters in Toronto.

Flying around town trying to help friends and to fix problems for others is a great message to send the users of this app, and I love the influence it’s had on my son. He talks all about how he helped his friends in the game, and that’s an amazing thing.

To learn more about Sago Mini Superhero, visit the website here.


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