Summer Dress Brought into Fall

chicwishBlue Sunflower Stripe Off-shoulder Dress



chicwishBlue Sunflower Stripe Off-shoulder Dress


chicwishBlue Sunflower Stripe Off-shoulder Dress


Mandy Furnis sparkleshinylove


chicwish Blue Sunflower Stripe Off-shoulder Dress



chicwish Blue Sunflower Stripe Off-shoulder Dress


styling a jean jacket with a summer dress



jean jacket with summer dress



Mandy Furnis sparkleshinylove



jean jacket, blue dress; nude gucci soho disco bag



Wearing a summer dress in fall



Dress – Chicwish // Jacket – H&M // Shoes – Le Chateau (similar) // Bag – Gucci


Summer has surprisingly made its way into September, and to be honest it’s really thrown me off! The days have been hot – very hot actually – and the mornings and nights have been surprisingly cool.

I’m not ready to give up my summer dresses just yet since it’s been so warm, so I’ve been layering to get through this strange weather. This dress has the prettiest detailing! The off the shoulder embroidery is so gorgeous – it makes this dress so much more interesting.

I’ve been wearing so much blue over the summer, but this dress has enough detail to make it a little different and one of my favorites. Throwing on a jean jacket was a great way to layer, but I also could have easily paired it with a cardigan as well.

How have you been dressing for this unseasonal weather lately? I live in the Toronto area, and it’s gone from a cool summer, to a stifling hot fall. It’s so strange – I unpacked all of my sweaters and boots ready to go for fall, and now things have changed right up!

Over the weekend I had a soccer tournament in this heat, and I could barely move that evening from playing four games, but also the heat. I didn’t do much on Sunday other than buy more flowers, pumpkins and hay for my front porch (all of the flowers I bought last month died – I’m not good with plants and flowers), and we headed to a BBQ in the evening. I’ve been tired all weekend, and I’ve headed into Monday tired as well! I hope I can pick up the pace this week because I have a couple fun events planned.

I’ve been so good at the start of this school year packing lunches the night before, and making dinner’s each night (on time too!), but finally I’ve faltered a bit. Lots of takeout over the weekend, and I scrambled to make lunch for my son this morning, and we barely made it to school on time. It’s not even the end of September and I feel like things are slipping! I can even imagine how I’m going to be a month from now – it will be take out for dinner, and cold pizza being sent in the school lunches!





Photos by Tara Graham Photography.





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