Summer Sun Recovery with Vichy

Summer Sun Recovery with Vichy

Summer sun is something that you often can’t hide from, especially if you are on vacation!

We just got back from a Mexican vacation, and there was really no hiding from the sun’s rays. We wore lots of sunscreen, including this one which I love, but even so I my skin needed a bit of saving after a day at the beach.

My favourite after-sun recovery product was Vichy’s Ideal Soleil Double Usage After-Sun Care.



Summer Sun Recovery with Vichy



Vichy is so great with their scents – it had a soothing smell that stayed with me hours later.

This product could be used in the shower, or on dry skin. I tried both instances, and they both had their advantages. It’s a slippery product so in the shower was a great idea because I could clean my hands after applying, and it did stay in my skin even after drying.

Using it on dry skin was great as well because if I just needed a quick shot of moisturizer then I could easily apply it.

It was so soothing after a beach day, and it saved my tan! I started to get a little red after one long day in the sun, and I even started to peel a bit, but this after-sun care locked in moisture and I didn’t have an issue with peeling again.

The product includes shea oil, apricot kernel oil, coriander seeds, blackcurrant seeds and Viper’s Bugloss which gave it a combination of an amazing smell and nourishing feel.



Summer Sun Recovery with Vichy



Vichy’s Mineralizing Thermal Water was a perfect way to sooth my face after a long day outside.



Summer Sun Recovery with Vichy



Even though I had plenty of sunscreen on my face, I still needed to soothe my skin at night. Everything from the saltwater, chlorine, and sun had my skin very dry, so each morning and night I sprayed Vichy’s Mineralizing Thermal Water onto my face.

This stuff is beyond soothing, and after being out in the heat it felt so good!

Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water is charged with 15 minerals, and considering I came home after a long week on a stifling hot island with the same moisturized skin as when I left I would say it did it’s job!


Summer Sun Recovery with Vichy



For more information on Vichy products, visit their website here.



Item’s in this post were provided to me for review, but all opinions are fabulously my own!



Xoxo Mandy



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