The Horizon Trend with Graham & Brown

Graham & Brown Horizon Trend



This month, as a Graham & Brown Ambassador, I’ve created a mood board with the Horizon trend in mind.

Horizon is the fluid movement of design, the sense that something special is about to happen; forecasting your hopes and dreams for your interior. This trend is all about introducing tranquil tones, adding waves of subtle colour and luxury textures to your home,” – The Horizon Trend

This trend inspires design with how nature and surrounding sights from travel can influence home decor.

In our home we are always planning our next travel adventure, and in the winter I am planning on heading to New York City for a weekend getaway. With this trip in mind, I’ve created a room centred around the city.

I have been to New York City quite a few times already, and some of the Graham and Brown decor items bring back memories of past trips to NYC.

In our home we tend to include items from our world travels, or bring in a theme from countries we have visited, but so far no room in our home reflects my love of New York City. My mood board reflects my design inspiration for a new room in my home.

Something as simple as this Checker Black wallpaper reminds me of the modern design normally found in NYC highrises.





More obvious New York City touches include this New York City-themed pillow which includes it’s famous landscapes and streets.



This Brooklin Bridge Structure wall art has one of the more iconic landmarks of NYC in monochrome to continue with the theme and landscape of the city.



I really thought the industrial look of this Cogsworth clock followed the scheme of the room, and reminded me of exposed brick lofts and apartments with an unfinished look in the city.






I think my love of New York City and the design landscape there is reflected with much of what I have found at Graham & Brown. I’m inspired to redecorate now!



Mandy Furnis



The Eureka Trend with Graham & Brown

The Eureka Trend with Graham & Brown sparkleshinylove



As a Graham & Brown Ambassador I’ve been challenged this year to take on a decor trend each month.

My latest challenge was with the Eureka trend!

The Eureka trend is a chance to create, delight and wonder, offering the opportunity to inspire others through your own interior design ventures. Creating a sudden, unexpected realisation to all those who enter the doors to your humble abode on how they can represent their own characteristics with colour and vibrancy. “- The Eureka Trend.

Our home has slightly different decor in each room, but each room has one thing in common – a pop of turquoise. No matter what the color scheme or decor we find a way to have a flash of turquoise to keep things exciting and to tie each room together.

The Lit Arrow Wall Art from Graham & Brown was perfect for adding out favourite pop of turquoise to our home.

I paired it with the Graham & Brown Pocket Watch clock I previously posted about on the blog because I thought it would be a great contrast to the Lit Arrow Wall Art.

We previously had this Threshold cabinet downstairs, but we decided to move it to our upstairs hallways as it had the turquoise pop we wanted for our hallway as well.



The Eureka Trend with Graham & Brown sparkleshinylove



The Eureka Trend with Graham & Brown sparkleshinylove



The Eureka Trend with Graham & Brown sparkleshinylove


The Eureka Trend with Graham & Brown sparkleshinylove

The Eureka Trend with Graham & Brown sparkleshinylove

The Eureka Trend with Graham & Brown sparkleshinylove


The Eureka Trend with Graham & Brown sparkleshinylove


The Eureka Trend with Graham & Brown sparkleshinylove


Our hallway was previously bare, and likely still needs more decor on the remaining walls, but this great pop of color from the Lit Arrow Wall Art is the perfect addition to our home.

For more information on Graham & Brown, visit them here.



Mandy Furnis



Styling the Graham & Brown Pocket Watch Clock




This month Graham & Brown challenged me to do some styling with this year’s precious trend in mind.

“Precious is an appreciation for all things vintage and antique. Whether you are redecorating, buying a few wall art pieces, or simply making a statement of your attic treasures, make sure you have fun with this one. Create your very own museum of you, full of memories.” – The Precious Trend

My husband and I have been working on a wall project for the past year. We have been slowly adding things to our collection, mostly curated items from my husband’s families past.

The family owned a boat building business, and they built the boats we all still use today. We spend most of our summer’s at the boat, enjoying the sunshine and having picnics at the beach.

We spent lots of time pouring over photos, some decades old of different boats they made on the water.

Each photo had to be digitally re-mastered and reprinted because of wear and tear, but slowly our collection grew to showcase some great vintage shots of some of these boats.


Graham & Brown Pocket Watch Clock



It’s an ongoing project – there are a few more specific boats we would like to add, but we are slowly getting there. We added a few touches of our own like paddles my husband sanded and painted himself and a depth chart he created from wood found at the dock as well.


Graham & Brown Pocket Watch Clock



As something to add from our own family (and keeping to the nautical theme), we added a photo of a crab we saw on the beach when were in Turks and Caicos last year.

We wanted to add more to the room, and one thing that we thought would fit in perfectly was the Pocket Watch Clock. It says London on it which is perfect because that is the name of our son!

It has a great vintage look, and we thought it worked perfectly with the room.


Graham & Brown Pocket Watch Clock


Graham & Brown Pocket Watch Clock






I love that we have a wall in our home with so many items that are unique to our family. Adding the vintage-style clock was the perfect addition to the room!

The clock has the perfect colouring to give that vintage feel, and it really worked well with our existing theme.

I realized later this is the only clock we have in our house, so it was much needed!

To see this item, and to shop more of what Graham & Brown has to offer, visit!



Disclaimer: This product was provided to me for review, but all opinions are fabulously my own.



Mandy Furnis


The Popcicle Trend with Graham & Brown



As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I am now a Graham & Brown Ambassador, so I will talking about different home trends each month and how to incorporate them into your own home.

Starting next month I will be showing you how I use Graham & Brown products in my own home to give you an idea of how I have taken a trend and made it work with my personal décor.

Every year new trends in color, design and style for the home emerge, and when this happens it may make you want to redecorate your whole home, but sometimes instead it can just inspire you to refresh an area of your home.

Have you heard of the popsicle trend?

Think of it as a form of ombre – colours that fade in and out of each other, creating soft and subtle illusions. The trend is all about being playful and having fun, and since it’s the beginning of summer it’s the perfect time to experiment with it!

Graham & Brown has challenged it’s Ambassadors to show how this trend ‘Popsicle’ is echoed through our past, present and future design aspirations.

When I think of the Popsicle Trend, well I can’t help it but think about popsicles! I used love it when I was a kid and my mom would buy popsicles as a treat. Like so much that I would fight to eat the whole box. Even to this day when I am sick, I (politely) order my husband to buy a box of popsicles so I can eat them all! My absolute favourites were creamsicles and grape flavoured ones.

This “Bloom wherever you are planted” photo found here reminds me exactly of this. How pretty are all of these photos in row as well? Talking about the Popsicle Trend not only makes me hungry, but it’s also so pretty to look at when it works!





I’ve mentioned on the blog before about my love for freshening up my home each season buy adding some new pillows to my décor. Sometimes I add seasonal ones for the holidays like at Christmas, and sometimes I just want lighter or darker colours to change with the seasons.

I’ve actually just purchased 4 new pillows for my home for summer, but I really wish I had of seen this Meadow Cushion before I starting swiping my credit card!

The Meadow Cushion would be such a great way to freshen up my home, among some of the other Popsicle Trend pillows.




I have so many plans to revamp my closet, and one idea is to use one of my favourite colours – pink! I’m loving this pink paint in Carnation Street (love the name too!), and this Neon City print has such fun colours as well! I’m totally obsessed with this Polka Flock Pink wallpaper! How cute are these polka dots?






The fun colours merging into eachother to create gradual tones is a fun way to brighten up for spring. Any of these colours used in the Popsicle Trend tend to be radiant and bright, which is perfect for this time of year, and a great way to refresh your home.

For more design inspiration, visit!



Mandy Furnis



I’m A Graham & Brown Brand Ambassador + Northern Rose Wallpaper Styling

Graham & Brown Review sparkleshinylove



I’m so excited that I will be a Brand Ambassador for Graham & Brown this year! Have you heard of them before? They are a UK based company, but they ship their amazing home products all over the world. They have everything to decorate your home from wallpaper, décor, accessories and paint. Each month I will be talking about design trends, and how to incorporate those trends into your own home décor using Graham & Brown.

Some of their décor items are fabulous. There are so many things I want to buy! Their wallpaper selection is incredible I love that you can order a larger sample of the wall paper you like to ensure you are making the right choice for your home project.

I especially like their Inspiration & Advice section on their website. It has all kinds of tips and tutorials for all things décor.

The brand has been around since 1946, so they know a thing or two about home décor!

Graham & Brown’s wallpaper of the year for 2015 is Northern Rose, and I’m obsessed with it.


Northern Rose Wallpaper Graham & Brown review sparkleshinylove



Ever since I read this past article on The Coveteur about the closet of Suzanne Rogers, I have been inspired to redecorate my walk-in closet in a similar way. I use a bedroom in our home as a closet, and although I already have the clothing racks up, I still need to decorate the room.

Northern Rose would fit perfectly with my theme inspired by Marie Antoinette.



Graham & Brown

Whenever I am doing a project at home (or sometimes even when I am shopping I create a mood board to help me organize my ideas. I created one for my closet revamp using inspiration from Graham & Brown’s Northern Rose wallpaper, and it’s getting me excited to start curating my décor for my beautiful closet!



Graham & Brown Northern Rose wallpaper sparkleshinylove



Stay tuned to the blog for more trends from Graham & Brown, exclusive Twitter parties, and other sweet perks over the next year!

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Mandy Furnis