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This month Graham & Brown challenged me to do some styling with this year’s precious trend in mind.

“Precious is an appreciation for all things vintage and antique. Whether you are redecorating, buying a few wall art pieces, or simply making a statement of your attic treasures, make sure you have fun with this one. Create your very own museum of you, full of memories.” – The Precious Trend

My husband and I have been working on a wall project for the past year. We have been slowly adding things to our collection, mostly curated items from my husband’s families past.

The family owned a boat building business, and they built the boats we all still use today. We spend most of our summer’s at the boat, enjoying the sunshine and having picnics at the beach.

We spent lots of time pouring over photos, some decades old of different boats they made on the water.

Each photo had to be digitally re-mastered and reprinted because of wear and tear, but slowly our collection grew to showcase some great vintage shots of some of these boats.


Graham & Brown Pocket Watch Clock



It’s an ongoing project – there are a few more specific boats we would like to add, but we are slowly getting there. We added a few touches of our own like paddles my husband sanded and painted himself and a depth chart he created from wood found at the dock as well.


Graham & Brown Pocket Watch Clock



As something to add from our own family (and keeping to the nautical theme), we added a photo of a crab we saw on the beach when were in Turks and Caicos last year.

We wanted to add more to the room, and one thing that we thought would fit in perfectly was the Pocket Watch Clock. It says London on it which is perfect because that is the name of our son!

It has a great vintage look, and we thought it worked perfectly with the room.


Graham & Brown Pocket Watch Clock


Graham & Brown Pocket Watch Clock






I love that we have a wall in our home with so many items that are unique to our family. Adding the vintage-style clock was the perfect addition to the room!

The clock has the perfect colouring to give that vintage feel, and it really worked well with our existing theme.

I realized later this is the only clock we have in our house, so it was much needed!

To see this item, and to shop more of what Graham & Brown has to offer, visit!



Disclaimer: This product was provided to me for review, but all opinions are fabulously my own.



Mandy Furnis


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