The Horizon Trend with Graham & Brown

Graham & Brown Horizon Trend



This month, as a Graham & Brown Ambassador, I’ve created a mood board with the Horizon trend in mind.

Horizon is the fluid movement of design, the sense that something special is about to happen; forecasting your hopes and dreams for your interior. This trend is all about introducing tranquil tones, adding waves of subtle colour and luxury textures to your home,” – The Horizon Trend

This trend inspires design with how nature and surrounding sights from travel can influence home decor.

In our home we are always planning our next travel adventure, and in the winter I am planning on heading to New York City for a weekend getaway. With this trip in mind, I’ve created a room centred around the city.

I have been to New York City quite a few times already, and some of the Graham and Brown decor items bring back memories of past trips to NYC.

In our home we tend to include items from our world travels, or bring in a theme from countries we have visited, but so far no room in our home reflects my love of New York City. My mood board reflects my design inspiration for a new room in my home.

Something as simple as this Checker Black wallpaper reminds me of the modern design normally found in NYC highrises.





More obvious New York City touches include this New York City-themed pillow which includes it’s famous landscapes and streets.



This Brooklin Bridge Structure wall art has one of the more iconic landmarks of NYC in monochrome to continue with the theme and landscape of the city.



I really thought the industrial look of this Cogsworth clock followed the scheme of the room, and reminded me of exposed brick lofts and apartments with an unfinished look in the city.






I think my love of New York City and the design landscape there is reflected with much of what I have found at Graham & Brown. I’m inspired to redecorate now!



Mandy Furnis



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