The Industrial Trend with Graham & Brown

The Industrial Trend with Graham & Brown



As a Graham & Brown Ambassador, I’ve been challenged each month to take on a trend and show how I would style it. This month’s trend is Industrial.

Industrial is the stripped-back one, the one with character and edgy features. Unlike the other trends, this one takes things for what they really are and encourages us to strip things back, even if they are a little imperfect.” The Industrial trend

My challenge is to use the warming tones of the industrial trend to create a cosy space in in a home.

I’ve put together a mood board to lay out a fun bedroom using pieces that use the industrial trend, but add a softened touch.

For the Industrial trend, Graham & Brown have some great canvas prints with this theme in mind. I love all of the great black and white city shots they have.











The Cogsworth clock is perfect as well with all of the exposed gears – it definitely has an industrial look.


Adding many faux fur pieces to the room was my way of softening it up. Throw pillows, a cozy throw, and a comfy fur lined robe added a nice soft touch to the room. A white chair and a white furry stool were great ways to offset the dark prints and accessories in the room.

The Calico Stripe Cream wallpaper soften the industrial look of the room as well.


The industrial trend with Graham and brown


What do you think? Was there another way I could have softened the industrial look of this room?

To learn more about Graham & Brown, visit them here.


Mandy Furnis



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