Weekend in The Berkshires at 33 Main

Travel review of The Berkshires and our stay at 33 Main sparkleshinylove



Our family spent a week in Massachusetts this past summer, travelling through Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. We loved our trip so much that I’ve been itching to get back to that area of the United States to see more of that beautiful state.

We had the opportunity to head to somewhere we had never been before – Lenox, Massachusetts to stay at 33 Main, and we jumped at the chance for a weekend in The Berkshires.

We were not disappointed! We loved every second of our weekend away, and if anything it made us want to travel to that area again in the summer when they have their infamous Tanglewood summer concert series.

At the end of this post you can check out our video of our weekend in The Berkshires, but here are the details!

Our drive was about six and a half hours from Whitby, and it seemed like a short drive as we listed to podcasts and watched the mountains come into view as we got closer to our destination.

We stayed the weekend at 33 Main – a luxurious inn owned and curated by designer Annie Selke. From the moment we arrived, I felt so happy to be there because it felt like home. Well, a perfectly decorated home that had freshly baked cookies and a cocktail waiting for me. So it was actually better than home!


Travel review of The Berkshires and our stay at 33 Main sparkleshinylove



We were brought to the Astor Guest room on the main floor which was one of the prettiest I’ve ever stayed in! The bathroom was a dream – it had a soaking tub, separate shower, a warming towel rack (hello luxurious!), and I loved that they had their own collection of all-natural lotions and soaps with a little bag that you could use to take them home.

Our King-size bed was absolutely beautiful. I wanted to take it home with me! It was so comfortable, and so pretty all at the same time. The decor in this room was incredible, but we took a tour of some of the other rooms and all of them were equally gorgeous!


Travel review of The Berkshires and our stay at 33 Main sparkleshinylove


Our room was one of two that were dog friendly, and we actually met a cute pup staying there as well when we went down for cocktail hour.

We had arrived just in time for a charcuterie board near the fireplace, and cocktails with the other guests. We actually met a lot of really fun people during out stay! We stayed and talked with guests on each night of our trip, and everyone was so much fun! It was a blast, and a little unexpected because we just thought we would pop in for a snack. Instead we stayed, played games, had lots of food and drinks, and chatted with the other people staying at 33 Main.

We decided to venture downtown which was conveniently right across the street for dinner! There were SO many options for restaurants! I don’t think you could go wrong with any choice – we heard great things about all of them! We decided to try Brava the first night, which was tapas-style dining with a beer and wine list that was pages long.

We indulged in bite-sized plates until we were stuffed – dinner was so good we almost went back the next night!

We knew that our breakfast was included the next morning at 33 Main, but we didn’t know that it would be such an incredible spread. Freshly baked muffins to start, along with coffee or freshly squeezed orange juice awaited the first morning, along with yogurt and berries and then a frittata with a side of bacon. It was a huge breakfast, and delicious! The second morning was just as impressive – freshly baked squares, fruit and yogurt, and waffles with strawberries and a side of bacon. The food was so impressive.



Travel review of The Berkshires and our stay at 33 Main sparkleshinylove



We lounged around for a bit in the morning, and then did the short drive to North Adams for our visit to MassMoCA.

It’s hard to describe MassMoCA because I have never been anywhere like it. I’ve been to museums and art galleries before, but this was so much more.


Travel review of The Berkshires and our stay at 33 Main sparkleshinylove


We walked through all kinds of thought provoking exhibits, reading about how and why the artists put together each installation. We loved seeing live portions of the exhibitions, and we spent most of our day there. I felt like we could have gone back another day to see even more!

Travel review of The Berkshires and our stay at 33 Main sparkleshinylove

It was neat how it was all housed in a complex made up of 19th-century mill buildings all linked together with different passageways and courtyards. There were coffee shops and restaurants in the complex as well so you could really spend the day at MassMoCA! For us it was a big part of our trip and we would highly recommend it to anyone visiting the area.

We obviously stopped off for a short Target visit on our way home because we Canadians sure miss our Target stores – and I stocked up on everything I needed for the next few months until my next Target visit!

Back in Lenox, we made it back for cocktail hour at 33 Main for more socializing and great snacks, and then we were off for another dinner in town. This time we tried out Nudel which was recommended by other guests, and it was another great dinner! Their homemade egg rolls were to die for – so good, and they served us a crazy huge portion! We both had a pasta dinner seated at the bar which I thought was the best seat in the house because we could watch the chef’s at work while we sipped on wine.

I have to say, everyone we met in town, at 33 Main, at MassMoCA and in between was so incredibly friendly! Even someone we met at the gas station was talking about how they came down for Tanglewood (a summer concert series) thirty years ago and they decided to move here, and how we needed to come back to experience it!



Travel review of The Berkshires and our stay at 33 Main sparkleshinylove



Our stay at 33 Main was perfect from start to finish. The staff were so kind and gracious to all of the guests. They made some amazing food, but also made sure we had everything we needed when it came to our room, and recommendations on what to do during our stay.


Travel review of The Berkshires and our stay at 33 Main sparkleshinylove


Travel review of The Berkshires and our stay at 33 Main sparkleshinylove

Each morning newspapers were there with our morning coffee, and there was a small area with snacks and drinks that we could grab-and-go with whenever we needed them.

The home itself was built in 1836, and the inn was refreshed by it’s owner Annie Selke who is a local, and has her own store right across the street. The decor of the inn was truly beautiful, and next up I’m hoping to drag her back to Canada to work her magic on my own own home. Ok, I’ll settle on wearing one of her luxurious robes at my house while I order from her catalogue.



Travel review of The Berkshires and our stay at 33 Main sparkleshinylove



Thank you so much to 33 Main for hosting us for the weekend – we had the most amazing time and can’t wait to return!

A huge thank you as well to the Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism who helped to plan this amazing trip, and helped us find such an amazing spot to stay!

Follow along on the 33 Main Instagram and Facebook accounts to see what’s happening at the inn!

If you are planning a trip yourself to Massachusetts, check out MassVacation.com for all kinds of ideas on things to do while you are in this beautiful state. You can also check out Berkshires.org for ideas on what to do in that particular area as well

Here is our video of our weekend in The Berkshires at 33 Main – I hope you enjoy it!










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