Don’t Make Dinner, Order Supperworks!



Sometimes I have zero time to make dinner.  Actually most of the time I have zero time to make dinner.  Looking for a healthier meal option instead of fast food, I stumbled upon SupperWorks.

Each location offers an online menu which changes each month.  You need to decide if you are going to pick up pre-made meals, or if you will go into your local SupperWorks location and prepare the meals yourself.  I tend to pick up my meals, but preparing them is actually really fun!
After choosing online which meals you would like to prepare, you are also able to use their online calendar to determine when you will go in to your nearest branch.  Once arriving you are outfitted with an apron, and are offered free refreshments – including wine!
Stations for each meal are outfitted with freshly washed/sliced/chopped/grated ingredients.  There are measuring cups and other utensils to mix together sauces and marinades, and recipe boards list what you need to do to put the meal together.
After preparing the meal you would place it into a freezer bag and use a provided label with final preparation instructions for at home.  The best part is you leave the mess and move on!  You don’t need to do any dishes or clean up your work station – a staff member comes along to take care of everything.
The benefit to making the meals yourself is that you learn how to make the recipes yourself for future use, and that if you want to avoid an ingredient you can.  They even offer certain time slots each week when you can bring your child in and prepare your meals.
 There is also a Stork Special where in the first two months of your baby being born Supperworks will make your meals free of charge for pick up.
Locations include Pickering, Forest Hill, Leaside, and the Beaches in Toronto.
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