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It’s cold, it’s windy, and it’s snowy outside!  The last thing I want to do is bundle up my son and try to load groceries from the store to my car, and then from my car to my house.  My alternative is to shop online with Grocery Gateway!

To order your groceries you need to create an account on their website – www.grocerygateway.com.  Once the account is set up you can start shopping.  There is an App as well which makes things even easier.
Your account saves your past orders so its easy to look back and order the same items.  Your account also creates a list of the items you order most often as well for the same purpose.
The shipping cost is $9.99, and for your first order Grocery Gateway provides $15 off your first order, so you can basically try the service for free.
You can choose a block of time when your order will be delivered, and the delivery window is 2 hours long.  You can also choose if you want to pay in advance via credit card, or at the door via debit.
The order is delivered in boxes, and the next time you order you can return the boxes so they can be recycled.
Grocery Gateway periodically sends out coupons via email which often cover the shipping cost, so it’s really just the groceries you are paying for.
I did have a couple instances where an item was missing, or I received the wrong item.  All I needed to do is call customer service and they either credited my account for next time, or offered to have the missing or wrong items delivered right away!
Check out the website and try ordering groceries from your couch!
Photo’s 1, 2 and 3 courtesy of Grocery Gateway

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  1. Olga Musil
    January 14, 2017 / 4:41 am

    I just want to subscribe for online and delivery.

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