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People have been asking me for weeks what is on my Christmas list this year.  My usual answer is anything pink and sparkly, but sometimes my friends and family need something more specific.  I cant imagine why – I feel like pink and sparkly encompasses everything that is important, but maybe that’s just me!


Lately I’ve been more interested in photography because of the work I am doing on my blog.  I’ve been looking a lot at cameras and accessories, and I’ve found a lot of neat gift ideas at Henry’s!


Something I desperately need is the Sony QX10 camera.  I am always using my iPhone to take photos, and sometimes I take the perfect photo but when I go to print it the quality isn’t good enough.  The QX10 mounts to your iPhone or Android, and has a 10x optical zoom.  It also allows instant edits and sharing with apps, which is perfect if you want to quickly post something via social media.  When I’m packing my clutch for a night out I find that I can only fit three items if I’m lucky.  The first two items are always my lip gloss and cell phone (I think this is every girl’s mandatory items), and at that point fitting a regular sized camera is not an option! The QX10 would be perfect to pop into your purse.






I received the Cannon SELPHY CP900 ($109.99) as a gift and I’m totally obsessed with it.  It’s a mini photo printer that you can set up wirelessly with your phone or tablet.  I rarely printed photos from my iPhone or iPad until I had this.  The printing quality is amazing, and it’s so convenient to work from the app on my phone so you can have a photo in your hands in seconds.




Another fun gift is the Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s ($89.99).  It’s a modern Polaroid camera that not only looks adorable, but prints out business card sized images instantly to share with friends.



This iPhone 5 case is a gift for the person who wants something unique and original.  The case is made from real cherry wood, and is engraved to the likeness of the Leica M9 camera.  It seems like a fun gift for the guy in your life who is hard to shop for.




My final gift idea from Henry’s is the Joby GorillaPod Magnetic Tripod.  It has powerful magnetic feet that sticks to get a great shot.  It’s super light and has a locking mechanism so it will stay put in whatever wacky position you need it in.  Every Christmas our family try’s to do a group shot, and because everyone needs to be in the photo we have to find some wacky spot to place the camera.  Usually boxes, magazines and other random items are used to balance the camera, so I feel like this is a much smarter option!







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Photo’s courtesy of Henry’s


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