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When I first heard that a Power Yoga Canada location was opening near me I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  I had an amazing yoga and pilates studio that I was going to, but I  recently moved so it just wasn’t convenient anymore.  I was biased toward the small studio I went to and I wasn’t sure how I felt about a larger company like Power Yoga Canada.

I had also never done hot yoga before and wasn’t too sure of what to expect.  I had heard things like “It’s really hot” and “Really – it’s hot”, but beyond that I hadn’t heard much so I decided to experience it for myself.  New members of Power Yoga Canada can receive an amazing deal of $30 for 30 days of yoga.  I signed up for this and figured that as long as I attended a few classes it would make up for what I paid.


The studio that I went to (Oshawa) was a lot different than I had imagined!  It really had a comfortable feel like the small studio I was used to.  There was someone to greet me at the door who seemed really happy I was there!  I had a quick tour to see the lockers, showers and the main room.




Ok so hot yoga is really hot!  Just sitting in the room for the first time was a bit shocking because it is so warm.  Once you get over the shock you get used to the heat.  They keep the temperature at 37 degrees.

You should bring a mat, water bottle, and a towel for all of the sweat you need to wipe away during your class!  They also rent mats and towel’s for $2 each.

My first class was much like any other yoga class I had been to, but the instructor was full of energy.  I was in a very large class but the instructor took the time to check on each student throughout the class.  At the end of the class we were provided a cold towel (which had an amazing smell!) to cool us down, and then it was back to the real world.

I think the one major difference between regular yoga and hot yoga for me is that a shower is absolultely necessary after hot yoga!  You sweat in places you didn’t even know it was possible!  When I would attend a regular pilates or yoga class it was easy to just go home or go out and do something else, but with hot yoga you need to actually clean yourself up.

My favourite part about Power Yoga Canada is a class they call Power Yoga Jam.  It’s a regular yoga class that is paired with loud music.  Everything from a Bob Marley theme, to dance music, to rock music is done twice a week at my location and it’s my absolute favourite class.  For me it’s totally worth all of the sweating to take part in this fun workout.

I love that every time I walk into the studio someone is there to greet me personally and act like they are welcoming me into their studio.  PYC does not have the feel of a large company – it feels like a small studio where they actually care how you are doing and think you are important.

Power Yoga Canada has regular classes each week, and then they also offer workshops each month as well.

There is even a Little Pretzels (kids yoga) class which intertwines a yoga poses with creative play for ages 4-10.

Classes can be paid for by each session, or there are passes for a set number of classes.  You can sign up for a class online so they know to expect you (and you can also pay online), but I often just popped by as a walk in and there were never any issues.




Locations include Oshawa, Mississauga, Leaside, Etobicoke, St. Catherine’s, Muskoka, Oakville, and Georgetown opening on December 7th.  On their website you can download podcasts of classes for you to do at home, and they have an app to help you sign up and pay for classes.

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