Why Aren’t You Shopping with Ebates?


Do you use Ebates? If the answer is yes, I’m ok with you not reading any further. If you have no idea what Ebates is, then you have no choice but to read on and thank me later!

Ebates is an online shopping site which pays you commission for shopping through them. It sounds way too simple, but I’ve tested it myself and it works!

Ebates is paid a commission by retail stores for having you enter their site through their website, and you earn a cut of that commission. I was very skeptical about this at first. I decided to try it out on a small purchase last year to see how it worked, and I’ve been using it ever since.

To use the service you must create a user name and password on the website (www.ebates.com in the US, and www.ebates.ca in Canada). Once you have that you are ready to go!

You would then use the search tab or drop down menu on the website to find the store you want to shop at. Once you enter or click on the store you want, Ebates also lists for you all of the online coupon codes and promotions the retail store is offering right now. This is my favourite part! If you select one of the coupon codes or deals, you are taken to the store’s website, and upon check out that code is already entered for you as you are making your payment!

ebates steps

Each store offers you a different commission. Sometimes there is a promotion for a retail store which has a larger commission than usual, which is listed on the Ebates website.

Ebates issues payments 4 times per year, and your total is always visible in your account, and the date of being paid is listed as well. You can choose to receive a cheque in the mail (this is what I do) or to receive it via Paypal.

Like I said before, I was skeptical my first time so I didn’t expect anything from the process, but I was very excited to see my cheque in the mail! I told myself I would use it to pay back some of my purchases, but I think I just used it to buy more stuff. Don’t judge – you will probably do the same.

To give you an example of what sort of money you would receive back from Ebates, my purchase of $50.55 at Old Navy last week gave me a commission of $2.02. That may not seem like a lot, but let me remind you that if you shopped Old Navy in store, or not through Ebates you would not get anything back! I was also able to use an online coupon code they provided me as well.

ebates summary

The hardest part about Ebates is remembering to go though their website. Sometimes I am just browsing online and accidentally make a purchase without thinking about Ebates. You have to remember to log onto their website first to gain any commission.

If you do any online shopping at all, Ebates is the way to go to earn back money on your purchases. It’s almost like getting paid to shop! At least that is what I tell my husband.

You can check out Ebates here!


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