What I Tried This Week – Schwarzkopf Professional Smooth Perfect Smoothing Cream

Schwarzkopf Professional Smooth Perfect

This past week was the perfect one to try out a new product on my hair. The weather was hot, cold, windy, rainy and even humid – the full gauntlet of hair challenges.

My hair has a natural curl which I try to hide every day with a blow-out and the use of my hair straightener. Humidity and rain are my hair’s worst enemies, but really anything can ruin it! Sound frustrating? Welcome to my world.

This week I tested out part of the Schwarzkopf Professional BC Hair Therapy line. There are six options for all hair types, and the one I chose to try was the Smooth Perfect Smoothing Cream.

Schwarzkopf Professional Smooth Perfect

It says right on the front of the bottle that it’s for unmanageable hair, which sounds sounds like it accurately describes my hair!

I washed my hair as usual, and once I was ready to blow dry I applied the Smooth Perfect Smoothing Cream to my hair. It smells nice and fresh which was a bonus, but it was also very light weight. My hair didn’t feel greasy at all, which tends to happen with products I apply to my hair.

Right after my blow-dry my hair was actually very smooth. I normally have a lot if fly-away strands until I use my straightener, but before I straightened it my hair already seemed done.

The next morning it rained, so here was a true test! As a prepared girl I was obviously armed with an umbrella and a cute hooded jacket, but sometimes that’s not enough. The Smooth Perfect actually kept my hair in line! I was very impressed. My hair stayed styled all day!

The humidity later in the week was pretty surprising with it being spring! Humidity is the worst because the only way you can hide from it is to stay inside. Since that’s not always possible, products like this are required. The Smooth Perfect Smoothing Cream did not disappoint. It was weird because the cream didn’t feel like it weighed my hair down, but somehow it didn’t get frizzy in the humidity.

The Smooth Perfect Smoothing Cream also claims to restore structure and tame frizz for up to four days. I wash my hair every other day, so I didn’t test if it would last that long, but I didn’t have any build-up in my hair when using it that often throughout the week. The Smoothing Cream claims to nourish and discipline coarse or unruly hair with Cell Perfector Technology, and I can confirm it definitely handled my unruly hair.

The other options in this new Schwarzkopf Professional line include Moisture Kick, Repair Rescue, Color Freeze, Volume Boost and Time Restore.

Schwarzkopf Professional Smooth Perfect

If you have unruly hair like mine then maybe you should give it a try! It’s definitely a part my hair ritual after this week.


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