Favourite Fall Scarves

Favourite Fall Scarves



My collection of scarves is one that I am very protective of. Every once in a while my husband will peak into my closet and make “helpful” comments, and one of them usually mentions my overwhelming collection of plaid scarves. I could see why one would think I have too many, but I just LOVE them all and I don’t mind letting that collection grow.

I think one of the easiest ways to make your wardrobe look new and refreshed for fall on a budget is adding a blanket scarf. The outfit under the scarf can be a repeat or very basic, and the scarf can create a whole new look which I think is why girls love wearing scarves.

Every fall I hunt for new fall patterns for scarves, and this year I’ve already added three new ones to my collection. Some of them are perfect to wear all day with an outfit, and some are best to just wear with a jacket. I ordered one from Amazon.ca that I’m waiting for right now, and in the meantime I’m sharing a few more of my favourite patterns from Amazon!





1. Blue Plaid Scarf

2. Plaid Tartan Scarf

3. Beige Scarf

4. Grey and White Scarf

5. Double Sided Cloak Scarf

6. Pink and Grey

7. Pink Plaid

8. Brown Plaid

9. Plaid Scarf

10. Green Plaid








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Xoxo Mandy

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