Graphic Tee’s and Tanks with Something to Say

More issues than vogue t shirt



I may not actually have More Issues Than Vogue like my t-shirt says (I guess it depends on who you speak to about me), but I like how fun this t-shirt is.



More issues than vogue t shirt



More issues than vogue t shirt



The slogan trend on graphic tanks and tees is picking up everywhere, and while some of the sayings can be a little cheesy, many are cute and clever.

I paired my own tee with a pretty dressed-down ensemble, but I have seen some great shirts paired with tulle skirts and heels.

Here is my roundup of my favourite graphic tee’s and tanks below!



A fashion love affair Oui tee

A Fashion Love Affair Oui Tee



Forever 21 I'm original tee

Forever 21 I’m Original Tee



Aeo shoes graphic t shirt

AEO Shoes Graphic T-Shirt


Sincerely Jules celfie Tee

Sincerely Celfie Tee


Old navy blah blah blah tank

Old Navy blah blah blah Tank



Glitter guide life is short wear sequins

Glitter Guide Life is Short Weat Sequins



Mandy Furnis




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