Heading Back-To-School with GEOX

Back-to-school with Geox



We picked out our first Geox shoes for my son last year, and they were by far the best pair of shoes he’s ever owned. If he hadn’t grown out of them I’m pretty convinced they would have lasted for years.

Last year’s shoes had robots on them and they lit up as my son walked, so he was VERY excited to find out what we were going to choose as new shoes from GEOX this year!

I let him choose his own shoes for a couple of reasons – the first was that I knew if he chose his own he would love them that much more and hopefully get excited to put them on a bit quicker in the morning (we are always SO late for school), and the second reason was I knew all of the kids running shoes at GEOX are the same amazing quality so he could pick anything and we would both be happy.

In the end my son chose the shoes that seemed to have the brightest light of all the shoes when he jumped which made them easily his favourites.



Back-to-school with Geox



Back-to-school with Geox



Back-to-school with Geox



Back-to-school with Geox



Back-to-school with Geox



These GEOX Jr. Android shoes have two velcro straps, and with every step they light up blue. The shoes also come with blockers you can insert into the shoes if you don’t want them to light up.

Each Geox rubber sole is based on their exclusive patent of a combination of a perforated sole and a waterproof and breathable membrane to allow for temperature regulation. Basically that means the shoes can breathe, and therefore you don’t need to worry about stinky shoes.

Overall we are both happy with his new back to school shoes, and even though he’s been wearing them every day I don’t need to worry about them wearing out!

Have you finished your back to school shopping? We are almost done – just a few more little things to grab and we are ready to go!








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