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Viviscal Review sparkleshinylove



Over the past couple years I’ve somewhat been having a struggle with my hair. I started noticing much of it falling out, and I actually had some bald spots pop up all over my head.

Obviously I was pretty devastated, and saw multiple doctors trying to understand what was happening and why. At the same time I wasn’t feeling very well, and no one could piece together what was actually happening.

I finally received a diagnosis earlier this year that I had Alopecia Areata. Unfortunately there is no cure for it, and basically what it means is that I could lose my hair in small patches at any time without warning.

Once I came to terms with what was happening, I have to admit I was relieved to find out what was happening and why! It meant that I needed to move forward, and find ways to combat the issue as much as possible!

I’ve been working with a few doctors, and they have put together an amazing regimen of vitamins and treatments that have helped me immensely! So much so that all of my missing hair patches have grown back, and so far I haven’t seen any additional hair loss since the beginning of the year!

It was recommended to me by one of the doctors to try methods of thickening my hair to mask what’s been happening, and they happened to recommend using Viviscal products. Around the same time Viviscal reached out and asked me to try some of their products which I was so happy to do!



Viviscal Review sparkleshinylove



For the last few months I’ve been using Viviscal’s Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo, Conditioner and Densifying Elixir.

Once I wash the shampoo and conditioner through my hair I immediately feel a difference in my hair. I have such fine hair, and it automatically feels so different when it’s time to blow dry.

The difference between my hair after using my regular shampoo and conditioner compared to the Viviscal Gorgeous Growth line is pretty apparent – my hair appears much fuller after using the Viviscal line.



Viviscal Review sparkleshinylove



The Viviscal Densifying Elixir does one thing that makes me VERY happy – it doesn’t make my hair look greasy. It’s very lightweight, it makes my hair feel very smooth, and adds a bit of volume to my fine locks.

Right now I’m really looking to achieve the look of having thicker and fuller-looking hair, and Viviscal is helping me achieve that.

I also love that these products have a combination of Biotin, Keratin and Zinc. These ingredients not only help to fight against hair loss, but also help to prevent heat styling damage.

Overall I love the Viviscal GorGeous Growth line, and I won’t be switching back to my previously used shampoo and conditioner anytime soon!



Viviscal Review sparkleshinylove


Viviscal Review sparkleshinylove



For more details on what I’m using, visit Viviscal’s website here. All of these products can be purchased at Shopper’s Drug Mart.








Thanks to Viviscal for teaming up with me on this post!


Items in this post may have been provided to me for review, but all opinions are fabulously my own.


Xoxo Mandy

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