Winter Pom-Poms

favourite winter sweater from talbots with pom poms sparkleshinylove



winter style look from talbots



weekend winter outfit with pom pom sweater form talbots mandy furnis



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what to wear in winter to look chic from talbots



favourite winter looks with pom pom sweater


winter pom pom sweater


winter style wtih pom pom hat and cozy pom pom sweater


how to wear colours in winter sparkleshinylove



how to wear colours in winter sparkleshinylove



how to wear colours in winter sparkleshinylove



the perfect winter ski sweater sweater



Sweater, Hat and Bag all courtesy of Talbots! Jeans – Guess // Boots – Town Shoes (similar)



There are some outfits that just should the holidays, and I think this sweater falls right into that category! It has that pretty pattern that makes it look like I should be wearing it in front of a cozy fireplace on a ski slope, but it’s perfect details make it a little bit more chic!

Hello pom-poms! You know my love for them, and to have them appear on this pretty sweater sort of makes my pom-pom dreams come true and brings them from a summer trend into winter effortlessly. If you asked me before how to integrate pom-poms into a sweater I wouldn’t have a great answer for you because I hadn’t seen it done well until now. Another detail I love about this sweater is the back! It has a button detail from top to bottom, and all of these pretty details make for the perfect winter sweater.

I paired this sweater with a matching hat which is also from Talbots, and not only that somehow my photographer and I also found a matching door which was all kinds of awesome. This little clutch can be used as just that, or a little make up bag to be used inside a larger tote. What I relaly love is the inside of this bag – it has large colourful stripes inside that make it as pretty inside as it is out!

But really, Talbots has been rocking my wardrobe each season, and I appreciate so much them sending me this pretty outfit! I flipped through their winter catalogue, and you need to see these pretty loafers – they are adorable!

With all of the new snow arriving this sweater will get a workout over these next few weeks! I’m actually pretty excited to be outside to do some tobogganing and outdoor ice skating. I’ll be sure to balance it out with some indoor activities like shopping the boxing day sales and meeting up with girlfriends for pedicures and cocktails as well!


Photos by Tara Graham Photography.





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